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Intelligent Life

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posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 11:44 AM
If it one reason why an advanced species would not touch down on Earth, or try to keep it self at least isolated at a...Stars length. Would be to allow the species to learn it own path, or at least handle it. The usual prime directive crap.

If an advanced alien species that some how discovered it own enlightenment in the barren desert or sea called space and time, and technologically up lifted us an solve our problems. It would be just a huge shortcut, with no foundations or discipline in such would be areas of technological fascination. It would be the knowledge of the Gods, where I dare say youd have to be worthy to wield a gods tools, or in the intelligent case, at least competent enough not to get killed by the Gods.

Not only that I figured ether we would feel secure in our development, and end up being lazy and forget the universes troubles, or we would feel so secure in our planets dominion, to actually cause trouble with our up lifters. Much like how the Salarians up lifted the Krogan in Mass Effect. And who knows, it probably has happened in some parts of the galaxy.

But so far, their visitations are just rumors an ghost stories...Unless your a poor
bastard of a soul to come across a UFO that doesnt seem to be from here.

Then the mentality of that person would ether be shattered and damned, or they would be so excited theyd be bouncing around in their heads for some time, in LaLa Land.

However, knowing there is so much more could go ether way.

posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 12:05 PM

reply to post by JadeStar

Math says otherwise. Most of the universe is older than us. The chances of meeting anyone at just our level are very, very small.

I'd say the chances of meeting anyone else at our level is a big, fat zero...considering we can only just about heft ourselves off this planet at our level, if they're the same, they'd not be travelling the stars either.

The chances of meeting other, older people are much more likely.

What I meant by meeting was meeting electromagnetically.

Like Go2Meeting

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