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If it weren't for bad luck--- take care of yourselves!!

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posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by canadiansenior70


How is everything going???
I resort to a little wine now & then to help me sleep.
It only takes a little bit, they tease me that all I would have to do,
is sniff the cap & I'll be out like a light!

I have a hard time getting to sleep, even when I'm tired.

But I don't have any pain, just achiness sometimes.
And I'm not on any everyday meds.
I don't want to take sleeping pills if I can avoid them.
I've had reactions to some medicines, so now I'm leery of everything!

Just be careful of wine with your meds,
but I'm sure you already know that!
U.S. labeling on meds says if you shouldn't take one with alcohol,
I would think Canada has that too!

We've had a couple of nicer days finally, how about there?
It's supposed to be pretty cold again tonight though!
This winter has felt like one of the longest ever!
I'm so ready for Spring & that new, fresh smell in the air!!!
And I can't wait to hear some birds singing again!

I finally saw some rabbit tracks this last week.
Only saw one or two birds all winter too.
It's just like everything is hibernating, even animals that aren't supposed to!
We turn our clocks ahead tonight, I don't like losing an hour of sleep.
But it sure will be nice having it light longer at night!
I feel so much better when it doesn't get dark so early!

Hope you're having a good weekend!!!

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly


Oh yes, I am well aware about alcohol and drugs. That is why I called it stupid and ‘off the wall’. That was just the times when I desperately wanted sleep and my mind wouldn't stop chasing itself. Times I could just cy because I could not get to sleep.

Nevertheless, I have now reached a point of very little pain, so that part is over. There is just one stabbing place and I wrap that area with a tensor bandage and it rather ‘smothers’ the pain..

I have not been out since I broke my leg, except for 2 visits to the hospital for x-rays. This is the week I will go out. I must return my licence plates when I cancel my car insurance. (A sad move for me having to sell my car.) Without the brace I can dress yet without it I had to wait a bit to ‘trust’ my movements.. I also had to await the sidewalks to be clear for propelling myself to a couple of places.

(I just re-read you message and will now change my clocks.) My life is the same day after day and it is always just a message slipped into a message, or something else off chance, that makes me aware of the time changes--now 3:00 on Sunday. ;0)

Thank you for your interest and checking in.

posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by canadiansenior70

How is everything going?
Hope you're feeling better!

Hopped on ATS when I heard about the 8.2 quake in Chile.
Thought I'd check in while I'm here.
Didn't realize it had been so long! Sorry!
Where did March go???

Did you have a nice sunny day there, like we did?
I feel so much better when it's a nice day!
Maybe we're over the hump finally?!
Take care.

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