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Spooks galore in Suffolk

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posted on May, 22 2003 @ 10:08 PM
THE history of Suffolk is steeped in stories of ghostly goings on and eerie aparitions.

But now it seems the county's plethora of paranormal phenomena can all be explained.

A study published in the British Journal of Psychology claims that sighting of ghosts and the undead are due to natural causes and the human mind.

Here is the rest of the story:


posted on May, 23 2003 @ 12:48 AM
I'm originally from Suffolk and can certainly verfiy it has an uncanny atmosphere to it sometimes. I have never seen a ghost but have experienced a couple of odd things whilst living there. Its a shame that that article did not contain more detail on the study as I would be interested in their reasoning.

There was a time when I wondered if land itself had almost a memory. Much of Suffolk and indeed the entire East Anglian area is reclaimed from the sea. My family home is 10 miles inland but my father has an atlas showing the united kingdom at various points in the last several thousand years, and even 600 years ago our home would have been sea bed.

I had a strange sense of sadness oneday walking around the back roads of the village. Its a bit hard to describe but almost as if the land was uncertain, drowned and lost. I now live in yorkshire, on ancient stone and all I've ever picked up here has been age and strength

posted on May, 26 2003 @ 04:59 PM
Well, I currently live in Suffolk, and have lived in the area for most of my life. Can't say I’ve ever felt that much of an uncanny atmosphere walking around here over the years, well, no worse than anywhere else really. (Often feels more eerie in Essex! hehehe) I quite often have to drive though Borley, a supposedly haunted place – never noticed a thing.

Though I’ve never personally encountered anything strange, a house which my family rented for a few months was definitely eerie. Nothing ever happened to me there, it just never felt right! It’s the only house I’ve ever lived in where I was afraid to be left alone – not something I’m usually bothered with. It wasn’t even that old, probably early Victorian.

The house I currently live in is often remarked by guests to look spooky (it's quite an old house which has warped slightly over the years!) yet I, or anyone else I know have felt anything weird here...

posted on Jun, 1 2003 @ 01:26 PM
England and the British Isles have a long history of assorted wierdness. Its a great place to look for spooks and such.

Went to colchester castle last week. It definitely has some odd feel to it, but not as wierd as that destroyed priory.

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