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Ancient burial box contains earliest reference to Jesus

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posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by CosmicDude

Jesus was not an uncommon name.

It would be like finding a gravemarker for Bob, Brother of Frank.

Who is Frank?

If there is no other indication of which Jesus it is specifically, it will never mean anything than some guy named Jesus had a brother named James.

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 03:02 PM
Christian 'Apologetics'' are Fundamentally Flawed.... Deceiving the Unsophisticated by Trickery.

Logical fallacies and semantic trickery are the very essence of Christian apologetics, exploiting a general ignorance of science and responding to the desire for quick-fix salvation and something easy on the brain cells.

The Apologists have no store of unknown Jesus artifacts, no cache of Jesus's secret memoirs– though they do have shrewd allies in the relic-fabrication industry, so this may change! Rather, their circus tent is filled with nothing more substantial than subterfuge and suspect logic. What holds it all together is that universal super glue – Faith.

The parade of flimflam and clownish knockabout would be a cause for merriment and laughter were it not for the sobering thought that this is as 'rational' as some Christians get. Heaven help us if they were ever to take over the government.

In the prelude to the Dark Ages the original Christian Apologists engaged in a similar pseudo-rational debate with the Greek philosophers, who at first ignored the Christians and subsequently lampooned them as fools. But within three generations the fanatics of Christ had taken over the Roman Empire and the laughing stopped.

Believe it or not, in a jaw-dropping departure from logical thinking, the Apologists' prime source of 'proof' for the existence of their storybook hero is the storybook itself. The Bible is given the special privilege of confirming its own truth. In the language of religious deceit, the Bible is held to be "unique" and "historically reliable". It's true because it says it's true. Handy, that. (So handy, in fact, that Muhammad used the same "logic" in the Koran).

Can this chicanery be remotely justified because scripture gives accurate chronologies and verifiable descriptions of people, places and events? Not at all. Like any book of fiction the Bible sets a series of (unlikely) events, a plethora of names, and a mass of incidental but uncheckable detail, into a more or less known historical setting. Roman Judaea was real enough. 1st century Jerusalem certainly existed (you can visit the ruins). But any work of historical fiction makes reference to the real world. A novel does not cease to be fiction no matter how "believable" it becomes.

The issue is, did a holy carpenter walk on water, raise the dead and get resurrected and taken up to heaven?

posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 04:53 PM
Ancient burial 'bonebox'. James Cameron (filmaker) Avatar, Titanic? released a documentary last year called "Reserrection Tomb". Underneath an apartment complex within the 'two hills' area of Jeruselem a tomb was discovered; Joseph of Aramethiea's family tomb(Joseph of the two hills). Weathy tin merchant and was Jesus's protector (godfather type) whom owned this land. Cameron put a camera into this tomb and discovered one box that was inscribed in Hebrew, and Greek, showing a fish and other iconography depicting "he who has risen". Cameron felt he had evidence of this being Jesus's bonebox; but the Isreali .gov shut him down. Its a really interesting documentary; Discovery Channel has tried to air it again and for the last 2 times its scheduled air date has been yanked and replaced with another program. During Jesus's lost years he was supposedly traveling with Joseph to the Orient, Great Britain etc as he had ships to transport precious metals, tin. Body was removed from original cave site 3 days after to final resting place (Joseph paid for all of this). What is really interesting is that his own family, Joseph, Mary, brother James, Simon etc have their own tomb site; why wasnt Jesus inturred within it (body); matter doesnt disapear, it rots. Soul returns to its place of origin, vital/endouring/eternal.
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posted on Dec, 26 2013 @ 06:13 PM

ATS debated this above in 2010. Not new subject. Nothing agreed upon except Jesus had sisters and brothers.

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 03:33 PM


ATS debated this above in 2010. Not new subject. Nothing agreed upon except Jesus had sisters and brothers.

Thankyou for that mysterious; I wasnt alive in 2010 (hadnt found/joined ATS); I am wondering though..if all that was to be debated about this documentary; the ONLY thing agreed upon was the fact Jesus had 3 brothers and 2 sisters? Was there any conclusion about an existing family tomb for Joseph and Mary in evidence? Was it determined they were "step children" from WidowerJosephs prior union with said dead first wife, or Mary had conjugal duty visits with Joseph (sometimes) and was the Mother of at least some of them? Would it be worth resurrecting this thread (ive noticed some new ones appearing lately are from the way back machine and seem to need to be re-addressed).
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posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by vethumanbeing

Of course it's worth continuing this topic. Other than Jesus's sisters and brothers part (most of that, based on some parts of Bible scripture...are purported to be most likely true)...the verdict is still out on the ossuary, so why not discuss it?

I know over the last few years, and as recent as a few month's back, there has been more scientific testing and opinions about the ossuary testing released. Sorry I cant quote specific links, but they are searchable.

Interesting topic, the juries still out on its authenticity, and ATS is a great place to discuss whether it is what it proclaims to be!

Thanks MS

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