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Holiday Baking (Dec 2013)

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posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 01:03 PM
December 24th 2013
6:00 pm

The explosion rocked the North Town mall sending shards of debris and glass flying into the Holiday shoppers and lifting banks of store fronts into the chaotic crowd scene. As life was quashed for hundreds of last minute consumers of the yuletide rush, the tension rose as the alarms rang in unison throughout the now rubble strewn passageways.

Limbs and gore in the immediate aftermath caused the few scattered survivors to belt out in primal screams equaling the chorus of sirens denoting fire and tornado as well as individual store security and alarm systems.

In the center of the Mall Atrium stood a 30 foot fountain which was now flowing in a crimson red. Pools of discarded flesh hung from the banisters above the second level casting falling pieces of human sinew like a grisly sanguine snowfall.

First responders were flushing themselves to the scene including Dr Deena Montrose who had been purposely at the location since early afternoon attempting to locate her deranged and psychotic client who she had suspected of a dark and deadly plan against the people gathered together for the final and closing celebration at the North Town Mall. She knew from his last session instinctively that he was going to do something drastic and morose, acrimonious and possibly deadly to the throng of party goers all the while dressed in the most famous of icons, Santa himself.

More than 80 Santas had shown up to be judged for the contest disorienting her mission to find the sociopath and stop him from accomplishing his goal of death and destruction. The Mall had placed a last minute casting call for all local Santas to add to the concluding events for the Mall and to honor the winner with a 1,000 dollar spending spree at the new shopping plaza location across town.


December 23rd 2013
4:30 pm

"Detective Anderson I may not have actual proof as you say but everything in my training tells me this is far beyond a threat."

"Listen Dr. Montrose as I told you already, we do not have the man power to follow up on this lead based on your "intuition". Perhaps after you have been in Practice for more than a few months you will not be so swift to freak out over every drug induced patient with wild eyed threats."

"The amount of time I have been in practice has nothing to do with this Detective and I will have you know I graduated top of my class."

"If you can get something substancial on him I will see if we can send over some added support for the festivities tomorrow but even that is stretching it Doctor as we are severly understaffed for the holidays when domestic calls are always at their peak. It is the best I can do for you."

" Alright Dective Anderson lets just hope your optimism overrides my theories. Goodbye and Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too and I suggest a big mug of steaming hot and heavily spiked eggnog tonight. Everything is going to be fine."

A series of clicks could be heard before Deena finally released the phone and tossed it into her purse. Gazing toward the opening of her handbag chills spiked up her spine sending goosebumpas across her neck and base of skull. Seconds later an incoming caller sent the ringtone in action, reflecting on the number Deena waited the full number of tones before slowly placing her ice cold hand on the cell.

December 22nd 2013

Dustin Lee Anover sloshed through the icy sidewalk towards the North Town Mall entrance closest to the food court and rushed to open the door for a young woman pushing a stroller filled with packages and a cherbish little rosy cheeked infant. Exchanging Holiday greetings and sweeping past one another in opposite directions Dustin smiled and took in the busy crowds of happy shoppers as he strolled past confection kiosks and brightly lit and decorated store fronts. Seasonal music could be heard in the back ground and the scent of cinnamon and sugar filled the air.

Making his way toward the bandstands where tomorrow marked the final celebration of the malls impermanence and his final chance to win authority over the other Santas within a 50 mile radius and gain first right for job security at the new location, Dustin felt so light hearted and positive he practically skipped to center stage.

At 37 years old his heavy set body never felt as right as at this time of year when he donned his Santa Suit bought at Salvation Army clothing store 5 years previously to add cheer to the flocks of disadvantaged during the food banks free to the public Christmas dinner and gift giving for the less fortunate children of the city. This was his time of the year, a time when all of the depression and sadness of a life unfulfilled was placed on hold as he became the focal point of hundreds of smiling faces who waited in line to share their secrets and whisper wishes for treasures that only he could provide.

Yes this was going to be a special year, this was going to be his greatest ever and he was without a doubt going to steal this contest and become the number one Santa of North Town Mall and the shoe in for the head Santa at the New Plaza. Of course he would continue to help out yearly at the food bank as it always left him empowered and humbled to bring such joy and hope to the less fortunate even though he knew that none of the promises could be met by the impoverished parents of the poverty stricken children. But for one night they could dream couldn't they?

August 20th 2013

Dustin rushed out of the library book sale with his package tucked tightly under his arm to his one room apartment. Quickly and with numb fingers from clasping the book so tightly he unwrapped the package and set it down on the dusty kitchen table. With shaking hands he trembled and opened the Anarchists cookbook. God had a special mission for him, this was clear and there was nothing he could do about it other than to obey his almighty commands. The book was something he had always wished for and for it to have ended up in a libray book sale was divine providence, seek and ye shall find came to mind.

Propping up the book to devour in one sitting, he contemplated what he must do next.


Continued below...

posted on Dec, 23 2013 @ 01:52 PM
Dec. 23rd
4:35 pm

"Yes, everything is in place Commander."
"Yes, you can reach me tomorrow at the coordinates, at the specified time".

****************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******

Dec. 24th
5:55 pm

Racing past the stage sweat poured from Deena's forehead as she swept past the sea of Santas all standing in line to accept awards for the best costume, and Christmas spirit as well as top position and prize winner. Each face looking more like the next as she searched for her patient . Time was running out if this project was to succeed and the end result stopped before it went full scale she was going have to enlist more help finding Dustin. Deciding to race against the clock and head downstairs to the security office Deena picked up speed and sprinted towards the elevator at the far end of the mall complex. As she arrived at the elevator doors she looked down at her watch as the blast sent a hot wave over her left side which unbalanced her and the forced her to the ground. Deena felt a wave of fear and a sinking of defeat.


As she struggled to gain footing and stand up her cell phone began chiming in the familiar ringtone. Hands shaking she opened it and said "Yes" The Commander spoke quietly assuring her that this had to be done for the future of security. "You bastards! You promised me it would never go this far! That the patient was not capable of conducting this level of damage." " This technology is still relatively new Deena, but what we did not know was that they found an anarchists cookbook in his apartment with residue and left over materials for mass bombing. We couldn't have know what he was capable of. It was only supposed to be a tirade, a anger induced rage, not a planned atrocity."
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