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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 09:11 PM

It was revealed to you, that we would reveal more of our intentions, and there would be further disclosure at the appropriate time. This is the said time, to provide you with an environment of reasoning as your basis. To further understand, both your goals and expectations, during the closure of this phase of man, and the earth. Let us rephrase this conclusion. We are the example of ascension, that will be revealed to you, by proportion, in the least our immediate and long term goals, include the humane economic and theological enforcement in 3 countries directly, and as it concerns us a number of other countries. As it concerns your delegate and authority, in matters of conduct and enforcement, in the things he ascertains that are in your best interests, and infact are. The value of your lives and ascension, for a great many, are only imbued through the migrations. To various locations and countries, there is simply no other way for you, and for many.

You will certainly learn more about our immediate actions, and about our interaction limitation, we have designed to enforce the economic and theological progress. As simple as this is, as immediate as this will be in your immediate future. To save the most people, and at the same time to introduce the least amount of viable threats to you, and your countries according to the law. The cooperation, and not domination, of government and political systems will be obtained to the degree, of the least of the economic and social reformations that are in the minimum required. As a matter both of the humane treatment, and reasonable acquisition, of the promise, for the population being given the opportunity.

Your state of mind at the moment is the promiscuity and allure of opposition. Therefore this is one of the areas we will go into more detail at the present time. Firstly, the earth will be destroyed in 5 months. Secondarily, our activities will primarily cease, along with your delegate 3 months into the process. Thirdly, at the point in time our primary activities cease, you will lose your primary means of mitigating the activities that will aid in the peaceful migration. You are ultimately responsible, for your own conduct, you will ultimately have to deal with a large number of people of your own freewill in the new earth, by degree, and given the trials of change ... that you benefit now by examining the viability of your cooperation, which will be enforced marginally by your delegate.

It was revealed to you, that the most opportunistic way to approach change without introducing threats, and in the preservation of the humanity in the process. That our example of our building ability, for your delegate would result in death to a large degree, as a measure to prevent the necessity of further exercising these measures. In an attempt to curtail the necessary measure to individuals, and namely in the political environment, where the desired reaction is obtainable, that is removing countries and then individuals bent on self destruction. The ascension of mankind is previewed, it is not provided in full at this time or in this earth. The most opportunistic way of extermination in the near future, is the death of the country's capital city for its immediate aggression against us. The human way of resolving the situation and providing you the example, is to target a country that serves our purposes and interaction. Depending on involvement, our immediate targets of choice for the international assault, is New York. Our likely target and most viable, can also be any number of countries in europe, due to the design of the law, and the marriage or marriages, that will be performed as an example of obedience. For the promotion of peace.

It is projected, that the best method of preserving peace in the short and long term, is the immediate destruction of a country's capital city, for the nations left standing. This is ofcourse a result of your sin, and the decision will be made of which country to experience said purging at the appointed time. The likely hood of additional measures as a result of warmongering at yourselves, or against your delegate will be less likely, in the near future, but it will be conducted when necessary according to your delegate and also the willful input of the universe, at that time, and not according to you, and this is not discernable in judgment by you, but peace is your portion.

Pacification is your state of mind at the moment, and the trend of reconciliation, essentially is inherited not fostered. Meaning, on occasion, when you have attacked the process, a large number of lives were claimed. Followed by a smaller number of lives. The result has been the usage of less force against the process, and against your delegate. Indicating, not the success of the loss of live you will experience as the promotion of peace, but the necessity, and also the result. A tried and true formula, based on the threat you present yourselves, and based on the willingness of the universe to illustrate its acceptable premonitions of humane, and godly treatment for the vessels that will inherit the promise, your delegate has described to you.

The conclusion you have learned now. One that will motivate you, to cooperate, one that will lessen the loss of live and the necessity of the suffering you will experience. The realization, that you have essentially done nothing or could do nothing to kill or remove the authority from your delegate, regardless of your interventions, prosecution and murder. This will continue, and once again, when your delegate recovers from the illness we have given him in a short span of time, your delegate will continue his nightly walks, and the executions will continue in this capacity. Leading to a betters means of your realization of cooperation and peace, both according to our interactions, and according to your interactions among each other. We will somewhat now change the tone of our conversation, and provide more details to provide you with a better understanding of the environment which constitutes, the intermittent period prior to your ascension.

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 09:58 PM
Part 1 Advisory of Full Disclosure
(alien races book excerpt)

Our likely target is indicated, along with our preferred means of large scale purging, to promote peace and the facility of love and peace for the moving population. That is certain emplacements were burned into the ground eons ago and they are not the wiser (siberian emplacement/ tibetan religiousity). The extraterrestrials say, it is not necessary to target a location by providing a clear means of contact or origination point for the target. It means, they will not fully reveal themselves, but they have since decided on a certain degree of interaction we will provide more details about, for you.

We will voice the wisdom of our delegate, in that he has decided in what way to deal with you, when he goes into those places, and we have approved and reproved his initial conclusions. In that surrounding his activities, we will come to you beforehand through the representation of your delegate, and certain provisions of the promise will, and will not at this time be given to you. As reproof of your position to accept the judgment, and as reproof in your situation to accept the judgment as your only means of obtaining your potential.

It has been the position of your delegate voiced several times, that in the least, as one of man, in the usa in the least. That it has been and is possible for all those remaining to be saved, and a great loss has been incurred, and there is much to be achieved as an example to many. With the expectation of the promise, and not the travesty, of your treatment of your and also the earth's delegate.

You were recently told at the previous stardate of our previous communication. That we would provide an environment to help you understand your goals and expectations for the intermittent period leading to your ascension. As well as our advisement in the profitability and enforcement of the humane treatment of the population going through this brief trial of faith, and also in the least our expectations for you, as a race of intelligent and competent human beings, facing ascension. Freedom and not enslavement, positive reinforcement, and not disparaging dissertations, correction and reproof in love and peace, and transition by the means you are capable of exercising, and by the means we will provide however limited, to motivate you, to save your lives, and this is the provision of ascension the basis of your cooperation in the salvation that is (that we (contribute to) provided for you, by the process.

Now many aliens will be with you, not many aliens will journey far, but they few will with with with you. Telepathy will be their primary means of communication, they will be mobile, in the sense that they are capable movement. Limited interaction is a means of enforcement of your ability to exercise peace, and the viability of trust. As many of you will voice their conclusions, or will end up voicing their positive reinforcement, and demonstration. In the capacity that befits yours motivation to cooperate together. We are slim, we are tall, we are between 7 and 8 feet tall. Our faces are expression less, but we have clear expressions of exasperation, of emotional jubilation, in the bodies we are provided to involve you in our thoughts and to reprove you of our love for you, for the process of change.

Your delegate will ... ... in those place demonstrate his love for you. You will contribute to your pain and your suffering, by not disclosing our interactions with you, or your delegate's intentions for you, both immediately and when he intends to be more involved with you, over short periods, for the short period before he ceases to be, for the second time, after he is reanimated, to contribute to the process of love in your time of trial, which is remedied by placing your trust in peace and love, by showing your love, by showing us, by demonstrating your love, by demonstrating our ability to interact with you, and address you.

Our window is closing to speak with you, we will address you again soon. You are capable of demonstrating of your significance by demonstrating your love for one another by disclosing, our love for you and out interactions with you.

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 10:37 PM
Part 2 Capability Achieved

We are with you once again. Now you are more aware of the limitations of our interaction, and you are also more aware, of what we are capable of doing, how our decision process is maintained in the process, for the short period of time your delegate will be with you. We have given you trust, and viability in our ability to protect you, to protect your potential both here and now, and then by proportion.

We now ask for your trust, in knowing things that are unknown to you, in learning through practicality things that will be shown to you, and will be placed in your power, through your delegate, and for you.

(Alien Races Book Excerpt)

Limited Disclosure: A reptile heals severed limbs.

Limited Disclosure: The Americas were discovered ages before anyone actually laid claim to it.

Limited Disclosure: The Eiffel Tower withstood the WW2 Bombings.

Limited Disclosure: I outlived the beauty of the pyramids.

Limited Disclosure: The Bible reports that the heavens and the earth will not pass away, for they are everlasting

These are a series of interactions we will have together in some capacity, for the most part with the involvement of your Delegate. These pertain to our interactions in the near future. You must understand our pretense, that this information should be construed to those who believe, and limited by promiscuity. We will speaking in advisement of your delegate when we return at the next stardate.

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 11:20 PM
Part 3: Willing to believe my favor with the Aliens?

I've been trained to pilot a space craft with a very similar appearance. They are easy to pilot, with the system's AI interface ... ... if there are other craft provided, I'm unsure if it will have the same characteristics as the one I will be provided. You must understand that as an individual working with the universe, I have several unique decisions to make, and several uncharacteristic responsibilities. Nonetheless, if it is unhumane for you to operate the same space craft I will be provided, which will be discerned then, I will either let you observe me pilot it or engage another mode of operation, that is if the interfaces are somewhat different from the other craft.

Warmongering is not something the promotion of your potential that will be done is about. Nor is my decision to protect the peace entirely my own, but you are given details and information that is viable, of when it is necessary when I am presented with no other choice. Nor am I alone then or now, but our measures are limited, and I am only an individual, and our gifts are for the promotion for this purpose. As I've stated several times, I will go with the aliens about 3 months after my arrival, you must use our interaction to your benefit, my activities are not designed to hurt you, nor is the universe, but to protect the peace by protecting you.

We are finished with this discussion, in a moment. This discussion is complete.

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posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by sighstars

What on Earth does this have to do with Ascension? This was a bunch of nonsense with pictures from a book that could or could not be true. Just very confused by this whole post. You say 5 months left but yet it shows things to be done by 2021. Total fail imo.
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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 04:33 PM

reply to post by sighstars

What on Earth does this have to do with Ascension? This was a bunch of nonsense with pictures from a book that could or could not be true. Just very confused by this whole post. You say 5 months left but yet it shows things to be done by 2021. Total fail imo.
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I've designed the law of Newlife, and I am the authority figure for the intermittent period leading mankind to the new earth. This discussion has everything to do with ascension, and as a part of our disclosure of what we intend to do, and of what I intend to do, in the near future. You can also understand the legitimacy and validity of the Alien Races Book echoed through this interpretation.

I've recently returned to the planet earth, within the last 6 hours, after receiving instruction pertaining to the law I designed. And a few pointers, on how to best and most successfully conduct the addition exterminations. Against rogue political bodies, governments, and countries, that will be better off dead. But do not fit the criteria to fall into the bracket of the euthanasia class, that is first achieved at the onset of the Cosmic Shift.

We began this discussion with the intention of providing you with an environment, to better understand our limited actions, and enforcement of peace, and migration, through alms, and through chastisements. We will continue by providing a little more detail and an example of an updated scenario, of chastisement and execution for the benefit of the public at large and the migrating populations.

We've somewhat toned down our use, at least initially, in the magnitude of euthanasia a rogue country will experience. I will elaborate. As you know already, the extraterrestrials will come to the planet earth, with the immediate intention of building a facility for the gifts, and also as apart of my short reign. Initially you were instructed that I would pick how many countries or capital cities I would destroy for your assault during this short phase. Instead, the extraterrestrials will use lethal force in response to your actions, and this activity may bleed into large scale exterminations in your country. In this sense, I've scaled back what I've intended to do, and this behavior is necessary, you have already for a good deal of time. Made your uses of force clear, and my responses have been clear in the loss of life, for roughly the length and beyond, the entire time the law of NEWLIFE was begin designed and presented to you, by me personally.

Immediately after the sanctuary is built, this will not take long. We will head to Italy, namely Peter's Square where Pope John II had his assassination attempt failed. We will build our first platform, all resistance will result in death, I will attempt to abstain from giving the order to kill a city or a country at this stage, unless I am presented with no other choice to encourage peace that is. I will then present my commands as your authority figure to the church, of the least, it is clean to disclose some of its contents. They will be instructed that I will have a marriage in 7 days, I will invite two or so people from a number of countries surrounding them. Immediately after
the marriage is over, the people from the countries who did not show up, I will kill, they will vanish, they cannot hide or escape me, also I will vaporize a portion of their Capital City. I will not at this moment destroy the entire country or Capital City. This is your chastisement for the moment for your disobedience.

Further more for those countries in open disobedience. I will ask what constitutes your house of representatives to submit yourselves to me within a reasonable period of time, like 3 or so days. Failure to comply will result in the loss of all of your lives immediately after this time, and I will destroy a larger portion of area in your country, use of force for increase the area and further loss of live, leading to the euthanasia of your country. Those of you asked to submit yourselves to me, a portion of you will lose your lives, the rest of you will convince me why I should give your country the opportunity to have a platform constructed there.

Also in the immediate future, you will be given a priest appointed to you from the pope that will be with you at all time, you address the public or give a speech, as apart of the fulfillment of your role as an authority figure. The Priest will speak before you, and after you. I will immediately put you to rest, your fam. and a number of others in what constitutes your leadership, as an attack against me, when this reported (I can vertify the truth myself), or observed by me or to me.

I will be assessing your cooperation, and plans to migrate peacefully, I can assist in building, roads/bridges/etc. I will be going around to hospitals namely, or resource centers. I will help the public, in certain capacities. Any attacks on my spacecraft, will not be met with immediate force, instead, I will immediately select a number of people in political positions in what constitutes your county, state, or country and I will execute them immediately they will vaporize. They will simply disappear. I will broadcast to your people my response, and what I intend to do next, for any further assaults.

Just like now, many of you will choose to die, whole countries will be killed. I can tone my reaction down, however, I am only hurting you, and the universe is committing a sin, if I do not kill some you, and demonstrate, the necessity in removing political institutions that are no longer capable of serving the potential you have to inherit the law I designed, for the recompense of the new earth, universe, and being.

I am also capable of monitoring your behavior, I don't know who you are at the moment, but I will at the appointed time. The universe will supply me with your coordinates, and the problem will be resolved instantaneously. I prefer, once again, not to have to take any lives, and I prefer not to have to euthanize members of the general public. How much am I determined to do this? The universe can display an image 10 times the size of the moon, with a list of names of my immediate successful targets, of political people, or display an intended target of landmass, when I deem necessary. You are only committing suicide by attacking my position, just like you are committing suicide now by attacking my position. This is treated as such, and remedied.

Once again I am capable of observing what is taking place, a few million people an vanish in an instant. I can bar your own people from attempting suicide in certain areas of your own country through the immediate loss of live, without the destruction of any property or materials. When I am done dealing with Italy, and after my marriage or marriages. You will learn by demonstration what I am capable of having done, and I will not see any more force being used against me explicitly, however. To limit the amount of euthanasia I will need to perform or at least is projected by the universe at the moment. I will once again limit my actions to certain countries, based on your cooperation, and also the law that is designed.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 12:31 AM
Part 5 Conclusion

We are with you on this stardate, in complimenting the environment to which you are able to understand our activities towards your goals and expectations. We have disclosed viable means with which we will help you, procure those goals, and obtain enlightenment. Our trust your ability to benefit from our measures, comes from your ability to realize there is not other course of action. Our limited means, resources, and time allocated to which we will provide assistance in procuring the promise, motivates us to motivate you. In the disclosure we have provided you. These are facts to with, which you will obtain a perfect understanding of inevitability in the design of our behavior:

1. Loss of Life was necessary to maintain peace during the giving of the law and its design.
2. More Loss of life has been directed to the relationship, facing purging, then the potential.
----Our goal is to maintain persistence positively, in maintaining positive disputations----
3. Loss of Life based on all data, is likely necessary for the political and governing body.
4. More Loss of life for the political and governing bodies, then the population at large is a positive outcome.

Humility, sacrifice, kinship, and broadening bonds are the least of the conclusions many will achieve. When witnessing the difference
in our projected relations and interaction, as it is described to you, and as it is delegated to you by your "delegate". To say, we will be welcomed, without any aggression. To say, your "delegate" will not face any aggression. To say, that those countries receiving promotional materials and equipment to help a larger population achieve their potential in the near future, will not face any aggression. Is not a truthful, trustworthy, honest, or loving response.

No political body, no government, and no country, can impede what we intend to do. We will establish our "delegate", and we will secure his projected interactions, and plan which we contrived together. For the greater benefit of the migrating population, in the spirit of cooperation and unity.
I will inevitable have the right, if the conditions of force are persistent when I achieve power. To destroy a City or a Country. The Universe will not make this mistake, of promoting death, by not responding to discourage all further attempts as mass murder against a nation I've given favor, or against groups of people, even if there your own, in certain circumstances. Even though I do not intend involvement with all nations, by degree, I do intend to enforce a level of humanity. Were as I've planned, not out of malice, but out of understanding and through the viable wisdom of a multitude of simulations. Your responses, and what is most beneficial, in establishing control towards what is most beneficial for the population, going through this change. I've simply toned down how I will kill targets that promote fear-mongering, and terrorism and ultimate forms of genocide, as my goals are once again, your goals, my objectives are your objectives.

The Universe has only alluded to, and not provided me with the means I may require to do anything other then produce instantaneously euthanasia, for groups of political bodies and governing bodies. As a remedy to ongoing threats to public safety, and human life, as a result of your disobedience, desire to kill or control a process you are not in the position to "delegate". The routine purging of political persons, and the promotion of this activity by me, and to serve my purposes, is too intelligent of a conclusion, and too valuable as a response to aggression to deny, both in the short term, and in the long term. When less force will be used by the universe, when I am no longer present as your "delegate" in the short period of time I will have with you.

My goal is to kill you sure, this will produce the best result, when you attempt to assume a position you do not have as the "delegate", and therefore as the authority of "humane relations", with the population at this time. Secondarily, I will kill some and confine/imprison others, assuming I am provided with the facilities. To imprison a portion of these political persons, though various means, help convince them of the right choice, or the consequence of death. Meaning, I will use methods of torture for a short duration, and I will not keep these people for long maybe 1 or 2 days at most, before I kill you, put simply. Some of the methods of torture I have in mind are not promoting pain or suffering, but enduring. (dematerialized states while consciousness, water blasts at periodic 3 hour intervals in zero gravity, ... sensation room where I will cause you extreme pain in a limb, hand or foot, leg or arm etc, for periodic intervals between 2 or 3 hours. These activities do not damage the body but will make some of these people think, before questioning my authority when the consequence is death. I may invite the media to attend these punishments, or make it mandatory.

The reality is I have control, and it is established for this period of time. I will deal with the people as I have promised, in my attempt to avoid killing the general public, or large numbers of people by attacking the root of the problem. This I will achieve. So far, there is no sin or malice in my conclusions but these are educated examinations and studies of your behavior I've been performing with the assistance of the universe in obtaining these conclusions. I will asset my ability to deal with, with the means I am given, for the benefit of the people. Knowing that I will purge them for their crimes against the public, certain countries, or churches. Will not necessarily stop those bodies or countries as, the euthanasia that is being performed now does not stop certain groups of people from seeking euthanasia now. What it does do is promote and encourage others to remain hopeful and to strive for the promise, which is obtained through cooperation for a great multitude of people.

In this reasoning, when I go around the globe to help people in my hospital or resource runs. Talk to me, tell me what has been done to you, if it has not caught my attention, I will investigate myself, and euthanize the problem. Problem Solved. Leaving off on this footnote. I will engage certain countries more when I get there, so don't expect much until I do, but I will expect certain things to be done, or I can give you another government. I will have a few countries in Europe willing to take the place of your government when I purge the inconsistency, this is my concern, not yours, in terms of achieving this goal for you.

----A small part of your Expectations----

The Aliens have decided to build my installation in africa adjacent to Italy if you will, In Zambia or in Zambia or Zimbabwe. This installation will house the gifts I will give to you, but I am only giving gifts to Italy, China, and the USA. The universe has expressed its wishes to give Italy, a spaceship greater or equal to the one I will be going around it, to help people. This is a good piece of equipment for moving things around, helping people like we talked about, building, exploring or promoting. I'll have a materialization rig for use as an singular attachment I can tow around to help build structures for you. I should have between 12 and 20 lesser crafts + more.
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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 01:05 AM
As I was going to say before I want out of space. You will have things of your own, and the universe will give them to you, only through me. I on the otherhand, have will continue my activities which you know about, but more will be revealed to you at the appointed time for the 3 months until I am taken away from the earth. I expect greater cooperation, and therefore I will do certain things in these countries I will not do elsewhere. These details have not been disclosed, and are a matter of implication in this discussion. It is clean now to use our Limited Disclosure's we have been exercising, to encourage peace, and to nullify this argument to persons not wishing to pass on peacefully in the next few days, which will take us to Christmas, or the day after.

What I am doing was stated to you several times, I will help you in this manner, and when you cooperate, I will be willing to offer some assistance to others countries. You must understand that the universe has provided me with details of my provisions, and they are only sufficient for the activities, as it will be unclean to produce certain activities, without a means of reconciliation for the chastisement I will be performing, where there is no sin. However, the law and its jubilation we will demonstrate. Once again, I am imposing what is good for you as your goals and expectations may elude you at this time. Immediately after I am gone, after I cease to be, you can resume your activities, but you must remember, your timetable. Your promise and your responsibility to your people, I will achieve what I want to, in demonstration and in chastisement, and in the promotion of your ascension. Without cooperation, without kinship and without love for one another, many countries will be no better off then they were, but you must remain diligent for your people.

My position or authority or objectives cannot be thwarted, they can be troubled. Certain countries may attempt to involve me in controversies of interest. However, once again, my relationships are not indept with every country or nation, and I will exercise force both as a measure of peace in establishing my command however brief and detached it is. And in my responsibility in setting a humane example and trend for the nations, and this specifically begins with a chosen few.

I have a timetable, and many things to do as an individual, but also others will eventually help me, in the way I decide, as certain decisions I alone will make in conjunction with the universe, in regards to large scale remedies when I am presented with no other choice. I will circulate or at least I intend to circulate, to the 3 countries and achieve my goals there within the first month. Then I can focus on helping build up your infrastructure for your migration.

You will only hurt yourselves, and the universe will only hurt you, in not allowing me to use the force that is necessary to maintain some kind of timetable, against the promotion of fear-mongering and terrorism, the short time I am going to be with you, and in this case help you to a greater extent during this period of time. I will attempt to convey my love for humanity and you, my love for your future, and for your generations. Also my belief in our ability to establish ourselves for the journey within 3 months, so that a great many will achieve ascension with cooperation.

Otherwise, and regretfully, with no cooperation, and in absence of the lethal measure that may become likely, a series of shortcuts could take place, and millions will be disenfranchised, however, my goals and expectations will be achieved during this period of time.

We have once again concluded this discussion. Thanks for your Responses.
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