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The Magic of life...

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posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 05:29 PM
Just a personal title... I am not claiming to be in touch with the divine as I am not a religious person. Although, I am a firm follower of my own personal esoteric christian. Consider it my own denomination. It leaves no room for followers only disciples of Christ. If people are curious ask about that bit. For now, I am just worry about what this thread is about, as not to look like a babbling fool.

To start I have been having vivid dreams and constantly thinking about the nature of nature. Not in the scientific sense but the esoteric sense. What I feel inside about everything. Instead of living RELIGIOUSLY and socially clamping on to preconceived notions and condentation. So in my waking state I began devoting myself to knowing who I was. Who I wanted to be.

As there is just too much I will first give you a poem written by a very KNOWLEDGEABLE man ending the OP with a personal esoteric vision of something that I really hope to see in the future. This is not a prediction prophecy. Merely a personal esoteric opinion or condentation what could be, what I want to be.

A construction that kills by constriction This surreal real world that we live in, one we seem to subscribe to with ease, It’s a construction that kills by constriction, wraps society around you, then they squeeze, To live we seem to skip by life, blinded by the sight of good living, But has anybody reached the stars, or do we all just return to the beginning, I too have been a victim of this race, it’s a chase that gathers pace with no disgrace, The road is winding, sometimes grinding, more about timing, The reward sparkles so much so, that it is blinding, It now seems the conviction for my success is failure, A fitting price, for my past almost forgotten behaviour.

Now mine. I sit in a room so cramped that its shamefull

so crowded and clutter with junk

I want a life without my amenities

Greeding his created gold.

I want a life where slaving has ended for people with (so called) power.

The burden I carry upon me

Is more than I want to leave for my son.

But then again that just seems selfish

When you think of the world as a whole.

Constricted by the power of the serpent

The one who has no soul.

He is more than a devil incarnate.

Now turn that around and you have got it.

The life of nature and my esoteric soul.

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 06:56 PM
My good man/ woman you need only stop and realize there is only now and a shadow of what may be.

live in the here and now most of your waking day and the burdens get lighter, fear is the mind killer.

All the best and cheers!

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