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Big mistake {nov2013}

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 01:25 AM
It was to the best of my memory. But my memory is fading, its been a while... That it was Imrak Tong that made the best Flip ships, I saw him make one once. He didn't make many because nobody really needed them anymore .I just couldn't leave my shell and mass up the other end like the rest did. imrak said it would come, but I waited and waited, but still I didn't get it. I almost made it once when we were aligned down sun. We were massing up at the correct place, but I became conscious of a local bioform running from me screaming down a long passage I felt its fear ,very strange but the moment passed so I never really made it.
I made sure I got all the relevant information from Imrak, and went into the holy mountain. I could have asked him to make me one, but, its best to make your own.The rules regarding travel were very strict, so strict in fact, type 1 bioform planets were, a no go, except, by special monitors. It was the bacteria, they didn't want coming back, its place specific. Hence the travel ban.
In the big cave the focal point glowed slightly bluer than the walls, I knew what I wanted, and it formed as quickly as the images left my mind, the walls and the focal point pulsed. I knew when it was finished because when I thought.... Hover, it lifted.... and slowly left the creation area and moved toward me. As It engulfed me, and we were one, I knew that it was good, the sensation was intense.
I could even see them looking for me, as I accelerated out into orbit, but the cloaking was holding until I flipped... into Saturns Orbit, then Jupiters.
They come for me now and then, sometimes they come in fleets to frighten me... Its me they are looking for so don't worry, im still thinking..


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