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Government And AP Joint Agenda - Seek And Target Rand Paul And Tea Party - Preserve Secret Governmen

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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 10:22 PM
Ok we all know how the Tea Party has had a big bulls-eye on its forehead. It appears that they were becoming too popular and were dangerous to the hidden agenda of our government. You know to things like the NSA, corruption etc.. The Tea Party has been slammed through the mud every time we turn around. Heck they were even targeted by the IRS. And before the IRS targeting was exposed, the Tea party was more or less out of the picture. Now they are starting to come back somewhat. But it has still been rocky with the less than favorable news exposure they have been getting.

Now just the other day, I saw a headline, Rand Paul 2016 hopeful ruined by plagiarism. And I sat there and shook my head. We have a proven crack head in office and Rand Paul may no longer be able to be president over plagiarism? Huh? Something inside me knew that he was being targeted. Why? Because the NSA and all other dark secret parts of our government would be in peril. We are being manipulated to prevent an HONEST person from getting into office. Hey I am not keen on some of his policies. But he is as honest as they come. And this scares our government and the Media that they have infiltrated.

So, who has been infiltrated as far as the media is concerned? Well, I already have evidence of our first suspect, the Associated Press. They can't find enough on Rand Paul besides plagiarism so they had to make something up!

Rand Paul gave an 18 minute speech at the 10,000-student Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va where he never even once mentioned abortion. Now we all know how abortion rights are a biggie in politics. Now here is the headline from the Associated Press:
Rand Paul warns eugenics on horizon unless conservatives stand up against abortion rights

But if you head over to Breibart where they have the entire speech, you will find that the word , "abortion" was never used once.

FULL SPEECH: Media Distort Rand Paul Address by Cribbing Off AP Report

It is my contention that Rand Paul has our secret government running scared and they are trying to destroy him, just like they did with the Tea Party.

For those that support him, all that I ask is that you always keep picking apart and double checking every bad thing they have to say about him. Don't trust what you are hearing until you have 100% proof. We can stop this you know if we don't fall for the lies.

Now for those that don't support him, I say please, don't let dirty politics destroy a good person. Let him run for office on his own attributes vs. some lies meant to target and tarnish him. Just because you don't support him doesn't mean that you can't help put an end to our countries devious targeting. The next person could end up being someone you support. The next one could be the one to save this country from being taken over by the inside unelected and dark government.
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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by elouina

I totally agree with you. I noticed all the stooges coming out of the wood works and attacked him right after he threatened to filibuster the Yellen nomination as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve if the senate refused to vote on his dad's "audit the fed bill".

Just imagine if he did a filibuster and went on a half day speech about how crooked the federal reserve is on national TV. This would cause a lot of people to wake up!!

The powers to be are doing everything they can to destroy him, but they got nothing on him except some dumb plagiarized crap and I'm sure u can find on anyone else if u really wanted to.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by elouina

Did you miss how Ron Paul was treated?

If I had not been "aware" before this took place I would think Ron Paul was a loon..

I'm a democrat at heart who hates socialism. As time progresses I find more and more that I am a libertarian and more and more a conservative libertarian at that...

I used to work at Harris Teeter. I remember that some of my best conversations there were talking about the tea party. What it was, and what it could be. I remember at the time thinking they were the closest to my values (im a hippy)..

Anybody fighting for true freedom gets my vote now. YOU guys hear that?? Anyone who lets me choose things gets my choice. Imagine that...

Somehow the progressives have turned off a hippy so hard core that I almost want to call myself republican. Almost because I hate the right and left divide and conquer..

Freedom may yet save our country in it's death throws.. Nothing else can or will. MAybe something else could save us in Name, but not in values.. JFK said as much.

I only wish I was more powerful because I am fair to all. Sadly I (and people like me) don't want any tiny bit of power over anyone else.

I've thought about this a lot.
How can government work?

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 09:14 AM
considering the size of the prize(s) it would be a serious hampering to expect fair play

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by elouina

I saw that same plagiarism article being spammed on random political threads on Facebook. Mind you, these threads were about Obama or some other worthless politicians, Not Rand. But low a behold, some troll was dropping the link to that article. Obvious smear campaign. Just like the "racist" news letters supposedly written by his dad. Still makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how Dr. Paul was railroaded at every turn. Mics magically stop working when in his presence. Satellites cutting out, interviews ending abruptly, etc... Unfortunately, it's only obvious to those of us who are "awake"...

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:58 PM
Occupy suffered a similar fate a few years ago, in fact they had plans to kill the leaders of the movement had it become a force of contention. Today occupy is dead or at least underground, and all we are left with is the neoliberal hackjob obamanoid supporters.

Tea Party has been suffering a similar fate in that both ron and rand paul have been smeared as racists and isolationists. They call their suporters "gun nuts" and allude to them being terrorists especially a few weeks ago during the government shutdown over obamacare and the refusal of tea party to raise the debt ceiling.

Bottom line is both TP and Occupy have always been hated by the ptb. It shouldnt come as much of a suprise. I have found myself supporting TP more often than obama out of necessity. Wow, its pretty incredible.

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