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US Spy Plane Spotted Flying Along Russian Border

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 11:55 PM
A US Orion plane was spotted on a spy mission along the Russian border according to the press service of the Russian Air Force. The Orion didnīt respond to any questions asked on the radio and a SU-27 fighter was sent up to intercept it.

From: ITAR-TASS: US spy plane spotted flying along Russian border

A plane belonging to the patrol aircraft of the US Navy in the Atlantic Ocean based in Cyprus was spotted when making a reconnaissance flight along the Russian state border above the Black Sea on Monday. A Russian jet Su-27 was sent to intercept the spy plane, the press service of the Russian Air Force said Tuesday.

The reconnaissance plane made no answer to questions asked by ground services, the Air Force press service said.

A jet Su- 27 of the 4th Air Force army was sent to intercept the intruder. Afterwards, the spy plane turned away from the border, simultaneously gaining speed and altitude.

I heard the Chinese appologized for their submarine being in Okinawa where it didnīt belong. Will the US appologize for this event? They will probably blame it on some "technical error" I guess. "Erhh... The radio didnīt work and we were lost..." *doh!*


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