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posted on May, 20 2003 @ 06:27 AM
Ive been wanting to talk about this without sounding like a crackpot so ill present the facts only.
After reading some information about psionics and having some basic practice, i decided to have a little practice.
The area Im in( in Australia) has been experiencing constant temperature conditions for the last month or so.
Walking home last night the temperature was about 15 degrees Centigrade and the wind was blowing from the NNE.
While practicing manipulation of psi balls, the wind temperature and direction suddenly changed to about 20 degrees and gusts from all directions.
This is rare to this area and occured as suddenly as walking into an air conditioned room.
Now i know there are scientific explanations for what happened but im curious if anyone has had a similar experience or knows anything about this. Creepy.


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