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Anyone ever dream of seeing a UFO?

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posted on Nov, 2 2015 @ 12:09 AM
a reply to: BSkull

I had a dream last night or early in the morning. The most real I have ever had. I don't really dream all that much. It was almost dark and I recall I had stopped at a gas station in my town. I had been visiting inside the gas station with people I knew and when I came out I walked to where my van was and it was gone, it had been stolen (seemed so real). Great, so in a bit of a panic I had managed to call the police and dealt with it. So after talking to the police over my cell phone I decided then to walk home, it was only maybe 10 or 11 blocks away. I got about two block from home and as I was passing by the local town hall was when I noticed some twinkling of the stars.. like movement so I looked up and studied that spot and as I opened up my peripheral vision .. holy cow! A faint outline of a huge moving object silently gliding right in up above in front of me above me off a bit heading toward the building, It felt like I could almost feel a slight movement of air as it glided in front of me. It stopped at the roof top of the town hall. The town hall was two maybe 3 stories high. When the ship stopped the nose part which was around in shape stopped partially behind the back side of the town hall. but While it was slowly passing in front of me a person from the gas station caught up to me and asked me what I was looking at. I pointed to that faint movement in the sky and asked her if she saw what I saw, after a moment she said yes I see it. So that confirmed to me I was not imagining it. She ran off to her house I presumed and I looked around and seen a couple of other small square-ish shaped ships flying around as well. The pattern of their movement seemed they were stopped near roof tops and doing what.. I don't know. I never seen what any of them looked like. But I will never forget the feeling of the ship passing by and the slight breeze that gave me a sense of realism. The hull seem to either emulate the stars or reflect the night sky around it to give the idea of a cloaked ship.

posted on Nov, 2 2015 @ 01:09 AM
Two especially vivid dreams--
1, A traditional saucer-shaped craft with portholes flying without lights across a city scape with tall lit skyscrapers in the background at night; it's hard to explain, but you could see the lights of the skyscrapers through the portholes all the way through the unlit craft as it was apparently trying to fly without being noticed.
2, Not exactly a ufo, but a large chariot with a giant male figure (3-4 x larger than normal human) looking like an Indian chief complete with feathered headdress flying above the clouds in the bright sunlight (my vantage point for some reason was also above the clouds). The chariot was led by several giant white horses, and what made it so vivid is that the chariot was magnificently brightly colored in sharp primary colors.

posted on Nov, 2 2015 @ 01:18 AM
I remember a dream from when I was around 5 years old...

My recollection of the dream begins with driving by a local mall at night with my mom and all the traffic stopping in fact everything seemed to have come to a standstill except me even the radio was no longer playing...
I remember an odd static electricity and a strange humming noise trying to ask what that noise was and my mom seemingly ignoring me...

I then remember looking to the mall parking lot and seeing what looked like a gigantic Farris wheel and I was thinking a fair was in town except this Farris wheel was really huge and there was nothing else in the parking lot...

The next thing I can recall is walking past this Farris wheel whith a group of other children and several small people I remember thinking they were cartoon characters at first...this is long before I ever heard of a grey...
They were not scary looking although they were indeed different looking their features besides their big eyes were all very small and in fact were quite cute... Nor did they seem hostile instead they seemed like other children like meeting new friends...

I don't remember walking up to the Farris wheel or watching the other kids or these strange new friends gather just being there staring at the enormous Farris wheel that really didn't look like a Farris wheel anymore... Next thing we were all walking into what was then a zellers in the mall I was holding the Hand of one of the diff new friends some of the others were holding the hand of other kids and some were holding hands like me with the others like I I looked back to see the Farris wheel as I was still rather interested it rise off the ground rotated around till it was flat then flew straight up super fast until it vanished...

I remember the store was closed as it was late at night and we were the only ones there but the lights in the store were all on... I don't remember talking to anyone there and there seemed to be no real reason for being there we simply wondered around the store...

I remember looking at some watches there was a Mickey Mouse one I liked I walked around to the back of the display and reaching in as I looked up I was having the feeling I shouldn't take it and seen the big black eyes looking at me from the other side of the display... I liked the watch and I wanted to remember this...

The strange new friend seemed to smirk with its tiny little mouth as he turned his head and looked at another who was like him I saw him wink to them... That's when I quickly grabbed the watch and put it in my jacket pocket...

After wondering around the store for a little while longer I remember everyone walking out of the store just like we came in everyone holding hands again...

I can remember getting to the doors but don't remember walking outside...

The next thing I remember is being in a small room that was a very pleasant white and seemed to be light from within but solid and even everywhere... all the edges of the walls were soft there were no corners a sharp edges anywhere and the seat I was in was a part of the wall about two feet in front of me was another chair... in it sat a pretty little girl she had a doll on her lap and she looked rather scared... I asked here if she took the doll from the store she told me she hadn't that it used to be her moms that it was a raggedy Anne doll... She told me she wanted her mommy...

It was then I thought about the watch I checked my pocket it was still there! So I took it out of its container and put it on I remember I didn't want to loose it and the holes were all to big for me I fought for quite some time to poke the fastener through the rubbery band to make a new hole and that it was so tight it felt funny to open and close my hand...

After that I felt bad for the little girl who had tears streaming down her cheek now I got up and sat beside her and put my arm around her and told her not to cry that it would all be ok... I felt very close to her and felt like we were waiting for something we were the only ones in this room...

The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning and asking my mom if she would take me to the fair, and her telling me the fair was not in town...
I started to tell her yes it is look at my watch... I looked at my arm there was no more watch but you could see the impression from where the band had made an imprint from being to tight...

That's when I became very confused...

A few years ago a met a very pretty girl who reminded me of the girl from the white room... We fell in love very fast I would have to say ...she says things like I feel like I have always loved you...The first time I was in her room I couldn't help but notice an old doll sitting in a small white rocking chair... I remarked on the doll and said how old it looked she smiled and told me that it was her favourite that it was a raggedy Anne doll and that it was her mothers...

posted on Nov, 12 2015 @ 09:51 AM
I remember more than two times, I saw numerous UFO's in my dream. I vividly remember they were very similar dreams. Anyone saw similar dreams? Any interpretation?
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posted on Nov, 12 2015 @ 11:58 AM
I had a pretty vivid dream a few years back about seeing a classic flying saucer slowly flying over Los Angeles in broad daylight in full view of everybody. My first thought in the dream was that it was really cool. My second thought was that it was literally terrible, and it was the worst thing to ever happen and the end of civilization as we knew it.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: RomaSempre

Two of my most detailed dreams involve ufos.

In one it's a shiny disk with 3 spheroids under the craft placed in triangular formation. The occupant could pass as human but bald wearing some glittery type robe outfit. The craft more personal size prob 25 to 30 feet tops.

I came across this which looks like the ship

The next was far more detailed. It was like an upside down salad bowl with a large half moon window cut into the front. There was slight curvature to the bottom as well not just flat. I could see the occupant through the window. He was at a seat with some kind of long 2x4 shaped display stretching out in front of his chair area. He had a huge head and the typical evil looking black eyes you hear from other people's description. He seemed to be wearing a grey suit of some kind and some tendons poking out near the shoulder areas. On top of the craft were tons of antenna and devices. One like a helix shape or car spring the others various tall and short standard types like on a car along with more complex things I can't recall. His height prob around 6 feet as a guess with much larger head than a typical grey alien.

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posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 12:40 PM
I just woke up and I need to tell someone out their.....
I was with my friend and her 2 kids making a fort and the 2 kids wanted to get in so we let them and i was trying to find a pole for the middle, all of a sudden my hearing goes and the kids get scared and so dose my friend.
The kids end up saying "mum im moving" and he's floating up and so is his brother, we grab each child one and we didn't let them go, it felt like a force pulling up with torment. After a brief time after not letting him go the pull just stops
But a shock is it all stopped and i run to the window and I see a ufo with red and blue with white lights taking off in my backyard I bang in my window screaming i have seen you now!!! with anger I have seen you!!. During its take off its like your at a extremely loud concert and you can't really hear eachother. I ended up back at my house and my friend and her husband came over to discuss why his kids were not their? My friend doesn't remember anything.... i tell her in such anger and determination that it's happened before... and she starts to remember little bits of it and her husband is so torn up about his kids he comes over to our house a few days later still unable to find their kids, he has a bomb on him and he talks to me and my partner saying "how can we live with yourself?" And blamed me for kids his going missing he talks to us like he is Dr phil....

Even in real life my family has lost my nephew of 18months old due to a rear heartdisease, this is to link my dream and this is why we sunk into a depression.

And sinks us into a really low depression and anxiety that we actually convinced eachother to kill ourselves with our neighbor, when we were ready we hugged eachother and he deternates and says to us solfty. "Now you know what I want to do for the rest of my life but can't", the bomb was a fake! And he pushes the botton again and again! He walks out with satisfaction of driving us into a deep depression, my partner has a look of disappointment.

The end of my dream.

I have searched to see if their was anything else like my dream but nothing and the dream has left me scared and a head ache I woke up at 3:30am on 12th of January.
My dream felt real and it was something I never felt, i have had a similar dream but it's only happend now twice.
I hope my dream can be explained a bit more other than "spiritual growth" thing found on Google trust me I looked.

posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 02:00 PM
I had one at age 7 of a Amber colored orb.

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