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Check out my new music! DRY DIVE

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posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 06:36 PM
Hey guys I released a 3 song EPnot too long ago, its up on bandcamp for listening/free download (just click pay what you want and enter 000, (or more

I'd describe the Genre as Slacker Surf-Punk, my main influences are Descendents, The Ergs!, Wavves, FIDLAR, even the Beach Boys!

I've had a pretty positive lot of feedback so far, and even got a wee bit of indie radio play.

I plan on recording another 5 track EP soon, and hopefully getting a full band together to tour(I played all of this myself).

Feedback is appreciated, and any other ATS musicians/punk/surf-rock enthusiasts hit me up, I could talk for days about music!

Cheers, Johnny Fast (DRY DIVE)


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