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Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 12:55 AM

Ok so regarding the topic ... Let's change the light aircraft to say .. A Boeing 737 (small compared to an a380 but still a large aircraft). If for whatever reason the pilot and co-pilot are out cold, if someone with very little knowledge I'll use myself as an example I know basic controls of an aircraft (up down left right and the rudder pedals) I know how to operate the thrust controls or have a slight idea, I could recognise the odd few instruments on a flight panel and other minor details ...

If I was at the controls and the tower was talking to me how easy or not so easy would it be?

I would assume in an emergency like this the tower would tell me the very basic of what to do just to get the plane on the ground and stopped .. Never mind parking up at a terminal. So sorry if you end up on a plane that I'm controlling you won't be getting to your gate you are going to have a long walk across the Tarmac

landing a large passenger jet these days with no flight experience should be quite simple..

i dont even think you need to touch the controls auto-pilot has the ability to land the craft itself, someone in the control tower will help you to set everything up.. saw a documentary one time of this happening but that was just a simulator..

p.s. depends on the airport, but a large passenger jet should be landing at well equiped airports anyway.

landing a small craft with no experience is much more difficult.. so this guy did very well.
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