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Morocco Teenagers Arrested Over Facebook Kiss

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posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 03:18 AM



Again, cultural difference In some places of the world, it is normal for people to kiss their child on the lips - the same kiss would be considered as weird and disgusting in other parts of the world.

Nazi Germany had some cultural differences with the Jews. Look what happened there. But according to your logic who are we to intervene? How dare we question their cultural values

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Wrong. Nazis blamed Jews for the poor state Germany was in at the time, but thats a whole different discussion.

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 03:30 AM

reply to post by ArtooDetoo

Absolute crapola. All these rules in all the countries that violate the human family and their infinite sovereign rights, and the right to loving, abundant and joyful countries, with freedom and equality, ARE ILLEGAL AND HELLZONE AND I CARE VERY VERY MUCH, I'D BLUE BEAM THE LEADERS UP MYSELF AND GIVE THEM TO COSMIC COUNSELORS IF I COULD.

Shame on your post, completely. We need to free this planet. And join hands and offer support world wide for every other person to be free. NOT WAR HOWEVER.
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I agree with your sentiment, but im asking you again. Who are we to pass judgment on these people ?
Our leaders kill children every day for money and profit, Americans kill each other every day because of their 2nd amendment rights, who are we to pass judgment on what someone should do in their own country ? We have the right to condemn such behavior, but who says that we are right or better than them just because our view of reality is totally different than theirs ?

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 03:56 AM

reply to post by ArtooDetoo

Ahh so we're all global people, citizens of earth, unless it's islam, then "Shut up you freak, what is it to you if they cut people up, stone women and wrrest teens for kissing! their laws, they can do what they want!"

You do know that if every one thought as you did, you'd probably have a black man fetching your beer.

But hey, nothing wrong with that, it's your law, your rules.. right?

If we say nothing, these backward barbarians will never feel the urge to evolve.

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You can say whatever you like, but you don't have the right to tell them what to do in their own country !
IF people in Morocco are unsatisfied with their law and their rulers than they should rise and demand change. Did white people give up slavery because someone told them or pressured them to ? No !
All i'm saying is, their reality and views are much different from ours - and there are tons of reasons for that. Do you really believe it will change because someone from the West criticizes their way of living ?

We already tried that before, it doesn't work because it isn't supposed to ! The change has to come from within

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