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My 4 year-old Daughter's Sudden fear Of Aliens (and what happened to me when I was 4).

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posted on Oct, 2 2013 @ 04:20 PM
I hope I am not duplicating here. My first answer weirdly disappeared on me. It is my understanding that they follow family lines. Meaning that if daddy was abducted, so will daughter be. Over the years I have ready hundreds of books and talked with other who have been abducted so that I might understand
why it happened to me. I have run into cases where no one in the family had been abducted prior to the new abductee. This leads to the theory that the government has a contract with the Gray allowing so many abductions in exchange of technology. Some abductees claim this is the case where as my own experiences do not lead in that direction.

I have several idea that might help.
Use “monster spray”, “sleepy spray”, or whatever you want to call it to help her get to sleep. Mix a little of your aftershave or mommy's perfume in some distilled water and mist the room before bedtime with her watching. Get under the bed and in the closet most of all. Do NOT guarantee that this will keep them away. It's just to help her get to sleep.

Go to the family doctor and tell him that she has night fears that cause her trouble sleeping. DO NOT talk of aliens unless you want her committed. The doctor will push for counseling. You push back for some instant relief for her. Ask about melatonin (a natural substance) or for a low dose sleeping pill. Do not give over the counter pills. They are not authorized for children. No, I am not for doping our children. But, it will possibly help her sleep deep enough so that she does not remember the incidences.

Tell them to stop it. Ok, I admit, this will not work until she is old enough to do this on her own and can handle facing fear. And, it only works if you are being abducted during the day. I read about this technique in '92 and gave it a try and it worked for me. When you feel them coming, you gather up all your anger and throw it at them. They feed on fear and often don't know what to do with rage. You demand that they stop. You tell them that you are now stopping all rights that were given to them to abduct you. If it doesn't work, keep trying. The theory here is that they don't respect us and therefore will stop once we show them that we respect ourselves and that they must, too. Somehow it frazzles them and they go away.

Is there any signs of an exchange? Sometimes, they will willingly heal a person or give them a “gift” of a psychic power. If she starts having premonitions, record them, and keep for accuracy. Does she start wanting to pray for people? She may be given a healing gift. Did she have a lazy eye and now it's fixed. A tumor might be removed in the exchange of blood. The idea are endless.

Check for physical signs like dirty feet, bruising (yes, check between the legs), punctures, scoop marks, hearing or sight loss. Check all the way around the hairline and especially behind the ears and the base of the skull. See if she claims there is a boo-boo where you see nothing. It could be an implant or what people call a tracking chip has been inserted and causing mild discomfort.

Keep a journal and someday, have her keep one, too. You will be patterns, and influences in your life that they may cause. You may all of a sudden want to become a vegetarian. Or, world peace may instantly be a desire. Write it all down. You will be surprised later.

I wish your family harmony and peace. If you can handle it without going through hypnosis, I highly suggest you do so. Learning all the background info probably will not bring you peace. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. It depends on the individual. Good luck.

posted on Oct, 2 2013 @ 08:39 PM
I told her that aliens don't hurt anyone and that if you are scared or hurt they can touch you and make the hurt and the fear go away, I also told her that sometimes they are like doctors that want to make sure that people aren't getting sick from dirty air and dirty water.
She asked me what they eat and I said I think plants but I heard they really like strawberry ice cream and she said "they rub it on their skin" which took me aback because I didn't say that but I did read that somewhere.
I asked her if she ever saw an alien and she said no so it didn't occur to me to tell her that she could tell the aliens to stop or go away as someone suggested.
I have to temper my desire to ask her more and more questions with my desire not to put stuff into her head.

posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 02:40 AM
Interesting and spooky, the tales here. Children + aliens is quite fascinating to me. I've had very minor experiences of children stating facts I've only discovered for myself about the subject, which has spooked me out in the past. And also the notion that our children are not taught anything about aliens or how to handle the fear, possibilities and such of them and UFOs. Also the way parents don't teach or help their children overcome it, typically because they themselves don't believe it to be true.

So the "owl" point is somewhat spooky, hard to fathom how a child has managed to make that connection. Owls and aliens is quite an "adult finding" IMO. At least, I don't remember that connection existing anywhere in my childhood, only from reading these forums and delving into witness accounts, etc.

When I was young I remember the first thing I was properly scared of was a poster of a gorilla on my wall! Then the usual, velociraptors, Predator etc. Despite having an inkling on aliens since birth, abduction and the general alien presence didn't strike fear into me personally until a few years ago, I had a few nights of dread about the reality of it. I'm over that...for now at least... I haven't felt the same fear since. Actually that's a lie, twice now I've had complete fear about being taken out by a meteorite, thanks Chyelabinsk!

It'd be real sad to think young kids could feel that kind of fear about it though, and perhaps miss out on guidance or counseling. So at the very least, at least the kids in question here have parents with open minds who, when the time comes, are more likely to give better answers, or at least answers that allow the kids to make a little more sense of things than the parents that would just say "heh, aliens don't exist." In fact, in my household, not even words were said by parents, they would just laugh when I raised that question, and then the subject would be changed.

I don't know if there's been a proper study into it, but little tidbits of information give me the impression there is more than meets the eye to kids and aliens... so thanks for the interesting (and spooky) accounts!
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posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 05:40 AM

abe froman
All of a sudden,out of nowhere, my daughter has started talking about aliens and how frightened she is of them (this has been going on for about 2 weeks now). One of the things I do as Daddy is kill spiders,she is terrified of them. This evening she asked me to please kill any aliens I see, even E.T. whom she used to love. Her voice dropped down to a barely audible whisper when she started talking about aliens tonight and she was very hesitant to answer any of my questions as to why she is afraid.
I don't talk about aliens,U.F.O.s,or any paranormal subject with my daughter as I don't feel it's an appropriate topic of discussion with a 4 year old.
Part of me has to it possible that she is being abducted?
When I was 4 in the middle of the night I was awakened by a voice calling my name, long and stretched out, like you would call for a pet or from a long way off. I woke up bolt upright in my bed and ran to my mother's room and flipped on the lights, my step-father was in bed fast asleep but my mother was not there (the next day she told me she must have gotten up in the middle of the night and gone into the bathroom). It then came upon me that she was sitting in the car waiting for me to come outside. I ran outside to the street (not everyday average behavior for a four year old in the middle of the night) to where the station wagon was parked and peered into the car with my hands on both sides of my eyes to see in. I noticed a big bright white light (streetlight?) behind me reflected back off the glass. Eventually I wandered back into the house and went back to bed.
I just have to wonder...what if? and it's giving me chills.

Children have wild imaginations; you, I and everyone else on the forum and wider world when at that age inclusive. I wouldn't worry about it.
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posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 06:45 AM
John Lear suggests in one of his videos that the Greys are caretakers and come periodically in our lives at age 2, 4, 7 etc. to make sure things are going the way they should in our bodies.

On the flip side, I have also read that the Greys are under the control of the Reptillians and cut a deal with the President to exchange abductions for technology.

Another aspect is the out of body aspect. We all go out of body every single night and access different dimensions via our astral bodies. Different entities are found in different dimensions - our state of mind (and subsequent vibrational state) determines where we go. Eg. Anger, stress, depression, fear etc. all negative emotions, lower our vibrational state and push us into the lower astral, where malevolent entities love to scare you, chase you etc. and you won't get a decent nights sleep.

According to Dr Bruce Goldberg, in order to access the higher dimensional planes where we can meet good entities, passed loved ones, our higher selves etc. you need to spend time before you go to sleep thinking of things that make you happy and give you pure joy. This will raise your vibrational state, and you can access the 5th dimension and above.

I have also heard that abductions are pre-agreed by ourselves. So the theory in stating strongly in your mind that you absolutely do not want to be experimented with, is a sound one.

We are immortal souls that have god essence, and can create with pure thought. The nasties know this and get a kick out of "scaring gods". If you stand and face up to them, they are likely to leave you alone. If they persist, imagine turning them into hundreds of butterflies and watch them fly away..or if they are really nasty, explode them with your mind into a million atoms. (If you really want to piss of the scary ones.. turn them into a fluffy bunny lol ..they hate that!).

posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by abe froman

Greetings Abe.

So you say your daughter is seeing aliens?

It probally because They are visiting her.
Maybe even obducting her.

You need any help?
I've experienced many aliens contacts when I was young,belive me,I didn't like it.
But I eventually learned how to fight it.
If your daughter is suffering Real trama,or she doesn't want to see aliens again then you must tell me everything that she is experiencing.

I can help.

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posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 10:46 PM
My previous residence, I had a neighbor with 2 little girls, the older one was around 4 or 5 and out of nowhere she became obsessed with aliens and saying she doesn't want them to visit.
About 9 mths later, I had a dream? that these 3 small (little bodies,big heads and eyes,and were wearing what looked like very black capes that had these tiny lights not much bigger than a pin head,that changed colors that were not very bright but prominent)came in our bedroom,I woke up, and watched them walk around the bed to my wife's side of the bed,and i wasn't frightened and acted like it was no big deal and went back to bed. When i woke up in the morning,it was the first thing that i thought of, and was thinking how bizarre it was, because the only thing that was different from just waking in the middle of the night was that they were in the room,everything else just felt like i just woke up like I often do in the middle of the night.unlike a normal dream, were different things happen and places change all of a sudden. a couple mths later i noticed a perfectly round circle of dying grass in the yard .I moved out not to long after that and didn't know if it grew back. Another odd thing is that i remember it in great detail,I can't recall any visual details in any other dreams i ever had.

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