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Minor rant on the subject of the attack on Syria

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posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 02:06 PM
You know, I've read so many threads and am yet to find one compelling reason for us attacking Syria. I don't just mean from ATS contributors, I mean from anything they've ever quoted from the powers that be, our politicians and governments.

So forgive me the indulgence of a rant. It gets it out of my head. It's contradictory in places, well, so are the thoughts rattling around in my head.

You know ... and I know France gets dissed something rotten about the "surrender monkey" stuff ... but you know I think it's really quite preferable that when one country wages war on another that we should at least have half a clue why we're attacking them. And that's totally absent right now. Well, all conventional reasons for waging war are totally absent, that is.

What the hell is our reason ? God alone knows. They keep changing the reasons. Well, that is at least for those who pay attention to international affairs, politics, major wars. Hardly anyone we know, then. I've just spoken to my mate. He's a bright guy. He doesn't even know war is brewing. His only concern is a soccer match tonight. I asked him if he isn't worried about war ... he answered, "Nar, who f****** cares" ?

What's the objective here ? To help facilitate regime change ? Can't be that, surely, that'd be illegal under international law. Laws, the rule of law ? Do you remember the rule of law ? They wheel out the rule of law when we riot against them. Loot a bottle of water from a store and they'll jail you for years. Loot the resources of your neighbors and bankrupt your country "Ireland style" and you're absolutely untouchable, much like those bloody murdering bastards Blair & Bush W.

So if it's not regime change, what is it ? Peacekeeping ? To broker a cease fire ? We're bombing them to make peace ? We're bombing to make them stop the fighting, to separate the opposing sides ? Or maybe to get them to see sense as we see it through our Western eyes ? This is an absolute maelstrom we're about to fall into. Think N. Ireland and the bitter division between Catholic and Protestant, times a thousand, that's what we're about to blunder into. Our governments ... the French government too this time, I'll grant you that ... our governments are setting objectives here which are beyond any kind of realization.

No-one would be happier than me if we could help cure the Arab world of it's problems. But our nations are the ones responsible for so many of those problems too. We're not going to soothe those wounds with our actions, we'll inflame them still further, eventually we'll drive the Arab world together by our stupidity, drive them together and they'll be against us forever until Kingdom come.

We're attacking Syria & it's government to help the rebels ? These rebels aren't people you'd greet warmly at a family event. They're bloody animals. There are links ... credible ... which associate these people with the al Qaeda movement ? Remember al Qaeda ? Our enemy last year is now what ... our friend this ? We're at war with Oceania ? Or is it Eurasia ? My God, a year of Champions League soccer and I can't remember who we're supposed to be at war with. We're friends of the Syrian people, but to protect them from their own government we've got to bomb the crap out them ? We'll kill innocents to save innocents.

These attacks of ours which are in an advanced state of planning aren't just stupid, they're absolutely immoral. Good & honorable servicemen should have nothing to do with the orders they'll soon be given. They should refuse point blank to enter their cockpits or press the buttons to launch their SLBM's. Drop a bomb here, drop a bomb there ... is that all there is now to modern service life, to carry out orders without once questioning their validity ? "I was simply following orders" ? Well, trust me on this, from a Frenchman, I've heard that one before. And when the great reckoning finally comes, in this world or the next, then that argument will do you men few favors at all.

That being said, simply sending men to battle guarantees some will die, by accident or combat. The torment in my head, these guys are our guys no matter what they do.

Brave warriors, should fate find you in battle, May your cause be just. May your leaders have clear vision. May your courage not falter. May you be triumphant and earn victory as you show mercy to your enemies. May your efforts bring lasting peace. May your sacrifice be always appreciated by those you serve. May you return to your loved ones unharmed. Should you be harmed, may your wounds heal. Should you perish in the struggle, may God embrace you and find for you a place in His Kingdom.

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