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The power to overcome adversity...

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 01:58 PM
This is a really inspiring story....

Okay the man had a dream in life. He was trying desperately to make his dream come true. But everywhere he turned he got rejected over and over again. Infact he got rejected over 1500 times by all the agencies in new york.

Then he finally wrote a screen play that he was able to sell for 100 bucks. It was a start but he still couldn't pay the bills. He was forced to sell his wifes Jewelry to put food on the table. Then after that ran out he sold his own dog for 25 bucks just to buy food to survive. (cuz he couldn't afford to feed the dog anyway).

Then he was watching a movie one night. The movie inspired him. He got motivated and wrote his new movie screen play, working non-stop for 20 hrs to complete it.

Who was the man???? ........ (well I guess the video gives it away, rats! But what do you think?)

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