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Police: 8-year-old shoots, kills 90-year-old after video game

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posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 12:31 PM
Did search, delete if posted already.

(CNN) -- An 8-year-old boy intentionally shot and killed his 90-year-old caregiver on Thursday evening after playing a violent video game, authorities say. Marie Smothers, 90, was pronounced dead at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head in a mobile home park in Slaughter, Louisiana, the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Department said in a statement. Slaughter is about 20 miles north of Baton Rouge.

The town is called slaughter... anyways why is an 8 year old playing violent video games

It goes on to say.

Although the boy initially told investigators that he accidentally shot the woman while playing with a firearm, the probe led authorities to believe he "intentionally shot Mrs. Smothers in the back of the head as she sat in her living room watching television," the statement said. The boy won't face charges. Under Louisiana law, a child under 10 is exempt from criminal responsibility.

Studies on video games and violence Ex-profiler: Video games erode empathy "Although a motive for the shooting is unknown at this time investigators have learned that the juvenile suspect was playing a video game on the Play Station III 'Grand Theft Auto IV', a realistic game that has been associated with encouraging violence and awards points to players for killing people, just minutes before the homicide occurred."

This is crap just crap who let an 8 year old play GTA??? That game is rated Mature not for anyone under 17 years of age. I don't believe the whole violent games makes kids into killing machines unless they are too young to understand fantasy and reality.

Parents are so stupid these days makes me angry.


posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 12:34 PM
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