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Why isn't the bible considered a historical fairy story?

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by Verum1quaere
In internet witnessing, as in life, one can let the 'questioner' lead the conversation... which can lead into many rabbit-trails and many ATS Thread pages while you are trying to explain God's love... which most times at the end do not convince the other party anyways. The typical end is that the believer throws up his hands and says something like: "well if you believe it... I'll be praying for you"...

I like to cut to the main topic- which is the heart of the unbeliever. Are they sincere, or just trying to be reassured and proven 'right' for their own ungodly beliefs?

A preacher preached a sermon I heard a long time ago .. about Peter when he was preaching to the 3000 in Acts... Peter said:

4 And fixing his eyes on him, with John, Peter said, “Look at us.”
Acts 3:4.
It might sound assuming or presumptuous, but the scripturally correct focus should probably be on the one with the answers, rather than the one who is lost.

We all have our own witnessing styles... But this is mine for now.

posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 12:42 PM
I'm not saying... "just believe or you're damned"... that would turn a lot of ppl off. I'm saying that it's ok to have questions and doubts.... God and most Christians understand this, as we've been there...

But what does a person do with them? Do they use them as a tool to provoke reactions on the internet, or are they really seeking truth? You can kind of tell where they are coming from if they are unwilling to go to the source for the answers... To me, that makes it pretty much case closed.

posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by danielsil18
- Talking snake

- Adam lived to be 930 years old.

- Noah lived to be 950 years old.

- Noah's Ark fitting 2 of all animals and surviving for about 5 months.

- Jonah surviving 3 days and 3 nights inside a fish.

- Jesus walking on water.

This are just a few of the absurdities in the bible.

My question is... why not take the bible as a historical fairy story?

I noticed after 6 pages and plenty of replies from Christians not one has dared to answer your question regarding those obvious lies/hoaxes well 2 tried to say the ages were misinterpreted.

My favorite of those is the living in a fish that may as well be house made out of candy. Well the candy would be half believable.

posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 09:06 AM

Originally posted by Grimpachi

Originally posted by danielsil18

I noticed after 6 pages and plenty of replies from Christians not one has dared to answer your question regarding those obvious lies/hoaxes well 2 tried to say the ages were misinterpreted.

My favorite of those is the living in a fish that may as well be house made out of candy. Well the candy would be half believable.

Yeah, I guess "read it and decide for yourself" isn't much of an answer. Especially in today's society, where people are lazy and want everything handed to them on a silver platter- including their thoughts. Seems everyone is so scared to have an original thought or idea.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 04:57 PM
If some of you are so well versed in truths yet seem to miss the simple fact that any truth humanity "discovers" is not in fact truth at all but rather our own understanding of a particular thing....just like the allegory of the cave. Why don't you tell us what really happened? Evolution is equally as far fetched as God. If you say that it isn't.. you're simply stubborn and ignorant. They're both as open ended and far fetched as one another and there is absolutely no "CONCRETE" proof of either.
Walking on water represents the fact that Christ walked around/on top of the watered down masses and was therefore above the "drama" afflicted to humans in sin.. Study and read.. don't be stereotype and generalize.
The age misinterpretation is the truth.. hate to break that one to ya... Read a bible. Don't read the internet version that's been edited. Read an ACTUAL HARDCOPY of the book. I know it's not convenient to your "modern" ways but try it.
I've never understood especially since I was an Atheist at one point and I still don't know why or how.. Why/How are so many of you so sure? You act as if humans are the predominant species in the universe.. They are so far as we know but even a singularity would be superior to humans.
Try reading classical books and not the internet just for once. You'll see how both religion and evolution have been seen differently throughout time.

You put faith in the work of humans seeking glorification but don't put faith in the words of God.
The words we are given aren't true to the original form and this causes a large portion of the confusion but it's the best we have.

The Crucifixion of Christ is meant to represent that all priests/religions and otherwise are an abomination and belong to the Devil and that these sins are what God despises most and they will kill you.
Noah took 16 animals of each kind.. not 2. Read A Pre-King James BIBLE..(AND Not an internet version)
There are no REAL Christians or REAL Jews or REAL Muslims..
Real believers are chosen by the creator and not self appointed and I honestly believe that He would have better luck converting many atheists over those who call themselves believers but honestly...(THEY FIND HIM ON THEIR OWN...ALMOST BY ACCIDENT BECAUSE THEY'RE LOOKING FOR THE SAME THING BUT HAVE NEVER GIVEN IT A FALSE NAME OR IMAGE i.e. Not Created a FALSE IDOL.)

There are no absolute known truths in the world or the universe. Science is either studying God or Studying Evolution or Studying existence or continued creation/ STUDYING WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON AND EXPLAINING IT THE BEST IT CAN)
To say that YOU or ANYONE KNOWS way or another is completely asinine,ignorant and egotistical.

Allegory of The Cave.
We're all blind and deaf and we're all devils.
Our ego's have driven us away from the very core of the message of Jesus and even that is wasted.

Help your fellow man, you don't need to donate large amounts of money but just help each other out. Be open minded. Be willing to die for someone else's beliefs (especially in America--1st Amendment/Constitution)
in hoping they'll be willing to die for yours thus you have each others backs yet this world has evolved even passed the dog eat dog stage. It's really sad.

I'm glad that some of you are so certain about your beliefs that regardless of your side you would ever try to tell someone that they were wrong.

Realize that there are some things that will never be known until that final second of that final minute of that final hour of the final day of that final week/month/year.

Until then we're all waiting in line for space mountain having never been on it before and we're comparing ideas based on what we've read/seen and heard.

We can each choose to view this experience as we please.

We all have a unique road to salvation and your stupidity and ignorance will not be punished in any way because of what you believe. Although it should be.

Whether you believe in God or not.. if you say that you know one way or another without a shadow of a doubt what is right and what is wrong.. you are delusional and psychotic. That goes BOTH ways.
Just respect the differences of others because they each have a piece of the entire puzzle.

I don't mean any hatred here.. But religion/politics and evolution aside..
Our future on this planet depends on how well we can come to cooperate..
There is no other way.
We should all be focused on building a better world for our future generations and not so self absorbed.
If we spent more time working together rather than railing each other for dissenting opinions and just respected that person's decision to believe what they want in regards to something where no "TRUTH" is known.

I mean even the LHC is showing us that (SHOCK) A God particle exists. and that the universe MAY not be as we thought it was..

We ALLL have a lot to learn.

At the end of the day Bible or not we really are all sheep. We carry stardust in us (according to Sagan?) so therefore we carry what once was our creation with us.

A GOD.. in my opinion is a

It eventually realizes (Nation/Nation-State/Country/State/ all the way up.) that by completely working can achieve the goals of nearly everyone. Bring everyone to realistic expectations and reward appropriately.. be just with discipline..scold those who misbehave but have levels of freedom and liberty that would almost resemble anarchy and chaos.. instead of freedom and take the world to that "perfect point" and what "Heaven" would really seem to be.
Hedonism.True Identity.No Worries.Selfless.Fun.Joy Filled.
Perfectly imperfect. (dropping expected standards)

Some may call it Hell. Fake. Not Possible. Impossible. Egregious. Dream.
It is. Possible.
But EVERYONE has to stop pretending it isn't.
And that will most likely NEVER happen.

It's all in how you see it.
Those who appose this have the drive to start it but no basis to fight for.
Those who accept have no drive to fight but every basis to fight for.

We're fighting the devil. (Fellow man/aristocrats/elites/leaders/religion) Much like the disciples of Christ fought.
Much like the colonists fought.
Much like History.

So we have to wonder.. not whether God is real or not.. But is all that even possible?
Because believing it is.. Can bring you to the Center.. or the Christ.
This is .. perhaps the "Body of Christ"? all different but all representative of one end purpose?
Fans of the same football team disagree completely on where they stand.. what should be fixed.. or if they should just dump everything and start over.
If a random individual came along and cursed at them over the team they supported. That person would be destroyed.
No one knows what God looks like supposedly save for Jesus. Like the super Great Gatsby on 15 different realms.. We all find him on our own.. whether we realize it or not.. or even know what to call it. We all board the plane at different times and some of us just simply aren't ready to go home.

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