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survival -- plan and prepare? or LOOT and BOOT? #2

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posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 06:36 PM
most people are all talk. They'll "say" their plan is to loot; but the fact is, they won't loot until the whole crowd is doing the same thing for it to feel okay and like an entitlement.

Most looters end up with very little of actual value---most do it for the chance to give the finger to civilized society. They might get 10 pairs of shoes or a free TV or some steaks. But hardly ever all three, and never enough to provide for your family in lieu of actually having a plan.

Most of the potential "loot" will be destroyed by spoilage to due the power blackout, and being crushed when the hordes work up the courage to smash the shop windows. They looters always smash and trample a lot more than they actually steal. Then someone sets fire to the rest of it, and its all she wrote.

If you think looting is a sound strategy, just think of it this way: every time you loot, you are betting all or nothing on that event, since the penalty will be death. How many days in a row, how many MEALS in a row, can you risk death and have it never happen to you.

It's Russian Roulette with someone else's revolver:


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posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 06:43 PM
Preparing is hard in an urban center. I'm in an urban center. Money is hard to come by as well. I am preparing to leave to a more rural setting but that's taking planning and saving and all of that. I'm a couple of years away. in the meantime I have a fortified development I live it. have dogs for alarm and protection and enough food to live comfortably on for a few weeks. It all depends on how the SHTF. I'm close enough to bug out to the mountains with enough camping gear to survive for a while. On a scale of 1-10 my prep is a 4 but my planning is about an 8. in 2 years I'll be prepped to an 8 and planned to a 10. All I need is time!

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 12:28 AM

Originally posted by RickyD
So here's how I see it going down...everyone near a city including the suburbs will be trying to raid the bountiful harvest of strip malls and food places...there's lots. If your in a city and not out in 24hrs it's gonna get hectic. The further away you are the better off. People these days from younger generations (I'm 28 so not so old) will see it as a chance to go wild and do/get what they want. Couple that with people trying to get and hold onto what they need for their loved ones and its a powder keg. Best bet is to have an immediate evac route and area to relocate outside of places full of food and supplies. Once out of the city be on guard but polite and maybe even helpful if you can in whatever community treats you well. Of course there will be good folks and communities that are upstanding and that's the networking and support that makes one valuable and liked/respected as well. But in cities man its basically gonna be a war zone with cops military and everyone else going at it like they haven't eaten in weeks.
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I Loooove this type of forum, cuz as a full blown techno-nerd I've been prepping since 20 years ago
and not only have I got the bug out bag, vehicles, and location...i'm ready (i think!) for some serious
societal SHTF...I have a few extra other things that work to my advantage because of the seriously
BAD WINTER TERRAIN we have our mountain regions...which means you need to be a REAL EXPERT
in handling this incredibly BRUTAL natural environment. It would take less than 3 months
for British Columbia's mountain weather to kill off all but the most seriously prepped person.

We ain't's 5,000ft to 10,000ft mountains and -40 celcius in the Winter and even in the summer
if you ain't prepped...YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!! ...BUT....there is a beautiful abundance of natural resources
IF you know what you're looking for. In my neck of the woods, the urbanites and burb-turkeys are
TOAST if they run to the mountains....cuz the first heavy rain n snowfall will kill em all!

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