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Liber Discordia: Additional text

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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 01:11 PM
(Authors note. This short draft chapter follows directly, more or less, from the events of Liber Discordia posted in this forum which I began writing a few years ago and was well received. Of note is the developing romance between sirE and myself which I had not planned but rises naturally within the narrative. Also the mysterious character of Sexten is becoming more fully formed in inspirational moments.)

Right about the time I staggered outside sirE was waitng in the car excitedly revving the engine of a classic Daphene 4 with a vanilla milkshake paint finish. I got in and we peeled out and headed into town. Traffic wasn't too bad however because of the Zoom sirE was toking the journey took longer than expected.
"?Where the hell is that place gone to, it was right around here. STUPID WOMAN DRIVER!"
A car had cut us up on a roundabout causing us having to manoever erractically to avoid.
"I love driving but I get road rage easily." she laughed.
An hour later I was totally relaxed listening to Iron Maiden blasting from an iPhone that rested where the car radio should have been as we began cruising around the car park for a space at a place called Crystal Point, a retail center full of trendy names enticing customers to feel good about spending money. It also had a library which I decided was worth a visit later. It took ten minutes to find a place to park but it was not close enough to where we wanted to be so she reversed out at speed and we hurtled back around and finally found a nice spot but only after going down a one way lane, passing by some startled pedestrians. Inside the car was heavy with the smoke from the hookah mouse which poured out in a thick plume across the lot as we got out and took our bearings. sirE was speaking rapidly as we walked into the main shopping level.
"You'll like this place and I know the owner so we'll get a good deal on the order. The meat is fresh because they slaughter the animals right there in the backlot. Chickens, cows, lobsters, fishes. "
"It's like a maze here" I replied as I was jostled by angry shoppers."
"Don't worry, just stay close."
We arrived at the resturant bearing the name Dagans Palace. Inside was brightly lit and quite neat and clean with a quaint oceanic atomosphere. Around were a few diners, families and couples enjoying fine crusine. sirE headed over to the counter where a male cashier stood waiting with a service smile. I took a moment to look at the decor lining the walls - fishing nets, paintings of seascapes, various mounted sea life, sinister occult symbols depicting hints of strange and terrible ancient gods. I sat a table that was closest to the doorway exit and cast an eye over the menu.

Sea Salad and Fries.
Crab Bread.
Shrimp Mix.
Club Lobster.
Ocean Pie
Dagans Special
Seafood Pizza
Greek Salad + Potato Wedges
Garlic Mushrooms
Tuna Jacket Potato + Onion Rings

sirE returned carrying a tray with two plates of club lobster sandwiches and two glasses of iced tea with sliced lemon and sat oppersite to me.
"Oscar, the fella who owns this place is out of town but I talked to him on the phone and he has invited us both to join him on his luxary boat. "
"I feel right at home crusing on the ocean but for kinda gig we need the right kind of drugs, maybe some herbs." I sipped the refreshing iced tea.
"That won't be a problem." she said biting a piece from the club sandwiche and chewing delicately.
We finished eating and while I attended to the washroom to freshen up sirE made a call and made the arrangements to pick up a small quantity of high-grade bud. I mentioned the library and she agreed that it was wise to pick up some good reading material.
"As your Goddess I advise something journalistic with at least five hundred pages."

As we drove to our next destination we got into discussing the content of the launch issue of Ghastly, a magazine that would embrace once more the spirit of the counter-culture scene, something both sirE and I agreed had somewhat diminished by degrees, due to the monster of government vampirism beating down anything posing even remotely as a subversive threat to its powerbase. And now it was squeezing its claws tight around the flow of internet informtion and declaring the end of privicy in the empty holler of protecting us from the bad guys.
"Those sneaky droneheads don't even have the guts to be honest about it" remarked sirE.
It's like a new craze that gets them giddy, I thought, and all the main players were in on the act - banks, governments, the intelligence agencies, police forces, big media corporations - all enforcing their own rules on everybody else while breaking the main ones themselves. Thats why the OWS movement was doomed from the start. There is no place for a 1960's type peace rally against the government or any other fiend in this decade when the people organizing these kind of gigs think that by playing fair that their voice will prevail and that their rally will somehow win the day. Not against these kind of terminators who have no compassion, feel no remorse and will not stop until you are dead or a least tagged and sent to the jailhouse to 'cool off'. Now these kind of tactics are nothing new, it merly has been cranked up to a very unbearble level.

Anyway, the whole idea of Ghastly was to use the publication as a platform to jangle the the main nerve of society using a combination of discordism weierdness and uncensored vox pop. I felt that if we could get a launch of the first issue before November with the right combanation of seriousness and subversive reportage that will at the very least get the mindset of society into a higher gear of critical thinking. Ghastly magazine would include interviews, reviews of films and music that other magazines haven't touched upon, features deemed to dangerous for the mainstream publications to cover, either for political reasons or general magazine policy. Overall the magazine would be an Oz/Rolling Stone combo with the idea of scanning the internet for other weirdness and presenting it for public consumption that would have the strightheads frothing at the mouth. And as sirE remarked "It'll be beautiful."
Indeed. In fact, and for the record the brainchild behind its conception was some guru magi type by the name Sexten who I'd never met and sirE hardly spoke about. All I could gather from his brief mention that he and sirE once were an item back in the days of sumerian kings and egyptian princess's.
I also intended to contact Sin Jones, an ex-member of Cult of Cthulhu, who is a condsidered veteran of the underground scene with keen journalistic savvy to help with the promotion and some of the magazine content. Jones was already an editor of the e-zine Green Trapezoid with a sharp, no bull# writing style that would fit right in with the approach Ghastly would be aiming for.

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