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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 02:31 AM
Let's make this a thread where people can read and find information about suffering. Maybe it might ease their own a bit or give them knowledge of information and truth about something. But alas probably not. What do you know about suffering.

People can't detect suffering sometimes with outward appearances.

So what is suffering for? It doesn't produce any good benefits. Or does it? What do you know about suffering? Have you experienced much of it. I suffered for about 10 years. It was like the pain was always on, extreme pain. I have truly suffered.

My suffering is light these days compared to what it used to be. Even though I have experienced suffering on the extreme end I still can't tell you much about it. I can tell you to avoid it. Maybe you can suggest pain avoidance measures. Really I don't know.

What I can say about suffering is that you should report it to a doctor and stress how much you are suffering. Doctors if they can't see a wound think your not suffering. Make sure the doctors understand your in pain and you want it treated.

Don't let the doctors tell you you have a mental illness when your suffering and in pain and that's all you want cured. Pain can often look like a mental illness i guess. I found it hard for doctors to believe me when I told them I was in pain and they offered me panadol and left me to it.

No one came to help me. No one understood how much pain I was in. There was no cure.

If you've never experienced on going pain before then your lucky.

So what can you tell me about pain? What's it for? Doe's it make you stronger? I think it doesn't.

TPTB use pain as a weapon. How much of a weapon is pain. Can that ever be solved?

Will science overcome pain oneday? Who in the world holds the record for the most pain endured for the longest time? Where are the Guiness world records.

No really tell me about pain. Maybe one day you will have your share of pain what will you do?

I have truly suffered and been defeated and left in the dark mauled and brutally beaten.

Tell me about your suffering?

Is there any good to come of suffering?

What's your story?

What does science say about suffering and pain. It keeps everyone bound in someway

What does Religion say about pain.

I haven't learned much from my experiences of suffering and pain. I hated it. Have you learned anything you can share. You know we shouldn't have to live like this. But we are powerless. Pain is the ruler.

I think maybe with pain you should stop and take stock and make some changes. My pain was extreme and I became depressed. I think diet could help with pain and healing and general well being. We are what we eat.

We need our comforts. I found it hard when it was cold living in a cold house. I suffered mostly before broadband as well so I didn't nearly have as much luxury that I do now with on the internet. The internet was different on dial up.

Is pain a birthright? Do we go through pain as an initiation into some secret.

Anyway what are your thoughts on pain considering how much or less you are going to suffer yourself?

I just come from hell with residual effects.

Take me to your......

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 02:36 AM
How bad does a certain issue have to be to be considered suffering?

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by leeda

I will honestly tell you that I have never seen a doctor before,or had any shots of any kind except for 1970 booster shot.Healthy as a human should be without crap in the system

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 02:55 AM
I have physical suffering and have had metal suffering (but does metal suffering ever really go away?). Mine is probably middle of the scale. I am sure people have suffered much less, and much more.

So why is there suffering? A trite answer might be to remind you that you are still alive.
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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 03:26 AM
I really like Magister's reply to this thread.

Leeda, I have read every one of your thread, and so, am acquainted with your point of view. And think this thread is a real state of moving forward for you, though who am I to judge. I'm told daily I have no capacity to move forward out of the past, so.....take that for what you will.

But, compared to your other threads, I'm really liking this one....because it's concentrating and trying to identify and quantify the suffering of all of us.....and there's nothing better than that to put our own consciouness of our suffering in some kind of perspective....though, it never works to say, "look at the guy in the wheelchair, at least you're still walking." At least, in my experience, this doesn't really help any of us when we're suffering.

However, I have something to say about suffering beyond that, but still related. It does somehow, at some point, when we experience a needed "shift" in our perspective, serve a purpose. In physics, for example, just the way things work on the most simplistic of levels, nothing occurs with homeostasis, a balance of nothing changing. There must be some stress for anything to move, beyond, forward, onward....for realizations to occur, for us to overcome whatever it is we are suffering.

I don't want to get into my personal suffering. It's been great, physically and mentally, from my perspective, but I know fully well there are others who suffer more and greatly.....I used to pass people on the road, panhandling, crippled, missing a leg, and silently cry.....yeah, sometimes it's a con, but sometimes it's really not. Sometimes it's really what they are enduring and have no other way and are that desperate. I know about desperation.

The problem is, the longer I live, the more I find life is telling me to stop giving someone else my last dollar.....that I can't fix anything here like that.....whatever that's worth. Appreciate your thread.

ETA: What I'm thinking about right now is the people in Egypt just like me and you, and everyone else, wanting to go to work, have work, feed their children, live with dignity, etc.....and that isn't going to happen, I'm afraid, anytime soon for any of them. And it has absolutely nothing to do with them personally, the way they've lived their lives, or everything they may have done "right," whatever that is, by anyone's estimation nor judgement.....

posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 08:42 AM
Funny thing leeda, I wrote a thread on this only two or three days ago....youll find it in skunk works too....(afloat on a radioactive sea)
My question to the group was
Why does the amount of suffering and misery have to be so high?
Is it the natural norm for us?
or is the whole pain and suffering bit simply a construct of our society and culture.?
I look around me and everywhere I see people in pain and desperation,The misery on earth just never ends.....
The Swamis say DESIRE is the primary instigator of suffering, and maybe so....
But theres a whole lot of people in pain out there too........
I have endured my share as well, leeda, but that is small potatoes compared to others......
Perhaps we have suffering merely because it feels so damn good if it ever stops?

PS Love yer avatar......

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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 09:57 AM
I find strength in "suffering". I can't call it real suffering, people in Third World countries know what real suffering is.

But maybe it's getting out of control. I like destroying myself --> hitting bottom --> coming out of it, stronger --> enlightenment - repeat.

I imagine myself as a phoenix. Arising from the ashes. The ashes being what part of me survives.

I wouldn't recommend this.

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