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FeedBack Please

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posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 09:56 PM
Think of the universe as a computer and earth as an arena, or better yet, the universe is the internet and the earth is like a location, like a website, FTP, that type of thing and us as humans are the information.... Thats the setting... these are the rules...

We are in a beta testing arena (our universe) we are lets say .. .gamers for the sake of making it easier to explain
Now our bodies are games (follow me)
We (as souls) are beta testing our bodies (or games)
in a controlled enviroment... God watches and records all the glitches or errors in our code. A negative thought would be considered a glitch, Using this system you come to understand the depths of a human, and human "nature" in our purposed enviroment.
What I'm getting at is, perhaps the spirit world is the basis or the beginning of MORE, the spirit existed before materialism, and physicalities, So now that we've become both we have to perfect another .... .. I don't know the word.. .but dimension, or plain, might fight it loosely

those are just contemplations... or theories as some may say, but we are left to make up our own mind on what the truth is, like "freewill" but obviously thats a system that also needs refining. ; )

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