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Controversy versus Conspiracy

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posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 09:11 PM
In the past couple months, ATS and BTS has gone through a number of changes; the move-ing of threads from one site to another, the creation of new forums, changing of rules, etcetera... all in the hopes of making this site... umm... easier? more managable? Something like that.

But as is always the case, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Two examples being the religious threads and the "which is the best?" threads.

Now, the religion forum is located on two different sites (A- and B- TS)... but how many have taken to time to even know of this? That the subject matter on one may not be suitable for the other?

Or the "best of" threads... how many mass U2U's and "clarify-ing" threads have been written about these?

*Those examples are not the intent of this question, just something that's been on my chest for a while*

On to the main question...

There have been on a few threads I've visited a post or two demanding to know "Where is the conspiracy in this?". Granted, there are a couple threads which have no reason for being on ATS (that's why BTS is here), and there are a few threads which do seem to fit the definition of conspiracy, but overall, there are a large number of threads dedicated towards controversy... and here the problem lies.

Alot of the moderators do do a good job of regulating the going-ons within their prospective forums. And in the case of my threads, more often then not, if it was moved, the appropriate mod would answer my questions as to why, or we would discuss the reasons behind it (or why I felt it should have stayed where it was)... so overall, I really have no grips regarding this (except one, and I haven't received a response to the why's yet).

My concern is this: where is the line drawn between what stays on ATS and what doesn't/goes to BTS? What is the deciding factor between what is deemed a conspiracy or something more controversial? How can some threads within the religion forum still exist in ATS while there are more suitable threads on BTS?

I know, I know... as always with the board related questions, someone is bound to quote and provide links to the rules and regulations, while someone else will point out "before joining, you had to read and abide by the...".

That isn't going to work this time.

Is moving a thread based entirely on what one mod feels? Or is it open to a mod group discussion? From what I have seen so far, it is up to the individual's taste if something stays or not (including sending threads to the trash bin).

Has anything been done to make RATS what it was intended for? You know... not a place to post serious questions in a serious matter, but to bash banned members?


okay, that last one may have been out of line. Sorry...


And then, I think it was a few weeks back, there was a mass U2U sent (I think, I could have imagined it) about bringing ATS back to its roots, and focusing on conspiracies. What is a conspiracy? What defines a controversy?


I guess, what I am trying to figure out, is how things are run. Is it according to one mod's thoughts at the time, or do the mods discuss the moving or ridding of threads and vote on it?

Crap, seems like there are too many thoughts jumbled about here... ehh, pick and choose as you wish.

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 09:20 PM
Here's an idea, have another page. Have a page where both ATS and BTS most recent threads are displayed, all on one page!

Some might dig it.


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