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Robots to revolutionize farming (Yay!), ease labor woes (Huh?)

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posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 07:14 AM

Anyone who has been open minded to "conspiracy" for more than 5 minutes knows of the elite's plan to automate the world, thus rendering human labor obsolete. So, while our loving parents at Monsanto are taking away our right to self-sufficience through seed(dna) ownership, our buddies at Blue River Tech and Vision Robotics want to see millions of migrant workers out of a job. They are developing fruit picking robots that are 10 years from full implementation

part of a new generation of machines that target the last frontier of agricultural mechanization - fruits and vegetables destined for the fresh market, not processing, which have thus far resisted mechanization because they're sensitive to bruising.

Its a very biased article that doesn't offer a counter-point to the emerging technology.

"There aren't enough workers to take the available jobs, so the robots can come and alleviate some of that problem," said Ron Yokota, a farming operations manager at Tanimura & Antle, the Salinas-based fresh produce company that owns the field where the Lettuce Bot was being tested.

You really have to read between the lines on this next quote to realize the professor's quote was taken out of context and was part of a larger point (probably a warning) .

"We need to increase our efficiency, but nobody wants to work in the fields," said Stavros G. Vougioukas, professor of biological and agricultural engineering at the University of California, Davis.

There's no facebook share button and no comments section on the page. I guess its not open to debate.
But the real cherry on top of this turd sundae, has got to be the LINK on the side of the page for non-lethal anti personnel/anti riot weaponry.
Oh yes my friends, they are sending us a message.
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posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 08:28 AM
Where are these places without enough workers? I'll go pick fruit, god damned it! I need a job.

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by PinealJockey

I especially love the part about people "not wanting to work in the fields" and there being "not enough people" to do the jobs... more like there are not enough people willing to work for peanuts, like they do in developing countries who can then sell their product on our shelves and pocket the BILLIONS that SHOULD be going to the ACTUAL WORKERS.

I can predict problems in the future.

Remember the Luddites?
Anyone know where the word Sabotage comes from?

We've see revolutions before in industry, and automation wasn't welcomed easily.

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by PinealJockey

Ease labor woes - easy labor

Say and do what they like I'm not getting the message, I'm getting dirty hands growing things in the garden though.

I do own a lawnmower though, it's liberating. ever tried cutting the grass with a pair of scissors or a scythe?

If someone can make my life easier then that would make me happy. Easy ain't putting carrots in my casserole though.

I don't believe there is a peaceful way to defend yourself from violence either. I think to sell such a thing is hypocritical.

A nice quote from your link :

A soldier in the field can carry 120 pounds of gear. Reducing the weight load sometimes comes in the form of duplication. At some checkpoints in Iraq, flashlights have embedded video and audio recorders that can run ID checks. A parascope helps a soldier shoot around corners. And handheld devices that can translate basic phrases into Arabic helps soldiers communicate with civilians in Iraq.

Shoot around corners
sounds lazy to me. What's next police having truncheons that read you your rights as you get beat about?

I do like my lawnmower but if I had no lawn it's kinda pointless.

My point?
I don't need one and their is no such thing as a modern military. Just new ways to kill. Message received but not conceived I'm afraid. Personally, I think we need robot bees...

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