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I'm not Lionel Shrike and neither David Icke ^^

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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 05:32 PM
Hi all,

after two years of research, I thought it's time to share some information with others. Beside serious research (free-energy, HAARP, Agenda 21, structures of power, strategic background details), I like to play around with thoughts and info just for fun - sometimes with astounding results ^o^

My latest fun project is the movie: "Now you see me" - regarding hidden dates, names, locations, numbers. I like this movie, it's full of crazy hints. Future will tell if there is any relation or if the producers did a great job creating more illusions from within the movie and the real world.

One example: The cards of the four horsemen in order of appearance:
The Lovers (VI) = sixth trump
The Death (XIII) = thirteenth trump
The Hermit (IX) = ninth trump
The High Priestess (II) = second trump
61392 could be read as date: 6/13/92 which adds up 6+13+92 = 111
6/13/92 = birthdate Tyler Davison smallest baby 6 inches, 11 ounces - 6*111 = 666
Further: 61392 Base 23 = 5115
(Why 23? Act I bank heist 3.2 mil EUR backwards)
Google 5115: 18 February – 5115 years after Krishna's bodily departure - 18. Feb. is MY birthday!
Reading the card's numbers in ascend order:
26913 or international date 2013-09-26 (One day before...)

Taking the number of Act II: 144579651
2^3 * 23 * 1632143 = Base 11: 144579651 = Base 23: maelai
Mae Lai is related to Thailand
More craziness? Number backwards and factorization:
156975441 = 3 * 7 * 47 * 89 * 1787
1787 = Constitution Day - September 17, 1787

The movie is full of that but enough number craziness for now ^^

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