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Like a bad penny, bad politicians won't go away. We get what we deserve!!

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 11:32 PM
The United States has problems. Serious, ongoing, internal problems. They are long term in nature in that it's taken a few decades to set the stage for what it's taken over a decade to see happen.

What's happened can best be described as a Police State in-waiting, just add reason to flip "On" switch.

However, what has also come to happen, can only be described as a morally bankrupt, tone deaf "Good 'Ol Boys" network of old fashioned corruption in a very modern framework.

Take two examples here, which represent the moral bankruptcy which has not only come to epitomize American Politics but now COMES BACK FOR MORE after being found and outed the first time. (However rarely that actually happens in the first place)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

#1 Anthony 'Sexting' Weiner

Then - April 2011

The deceit Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed to on Monday began at least 11 months ago when, despite a fresh marriage, the congressman said he continued secretly exchanging messages and photos with other women online. He later lied about his double life to the public and media -- and may have encouraged others to do the same.

Former porn star Ginger Lee, one of the women with whom Weiner exchanged messages, provided emails to that she says show the congressman coached her to lie in public about their encounters and offered to have "someone on my team call," a move which could have violated House rules.

Rep. Anthony Weiner: A Timeline of Deceit

Shame is simply a foreign concept to them...... Really, it must be.

The former congressman left office two years ago amid a scandal in which he tweeted himself out of his job by sending a photo of his bulging underpants.

The museum exhibition is titled "Universe of Desire." It includes words from a Facebook exchange between Weiner and a Las Vegas blackjack dealer in which the Democrat touts his sexual prowess.

Anthony Weiner featured in Museum of Sex exhibit

Now 2013 / Gearing for Election Cycle

Even the New York Times isn't quite sure what to make of this rather ...odd trend here.

It started with the news that he was running for mayor (really?), only two years after quitting Congress in disgrace after flashing women on Twitter with photos of his crotch. Then it was the revelation in recent polls that he had grabbed the lead (huh?) or was tied for first with two other candidates (what?).

Mr. Weiner groveled briefly when the scandal broke, but today, like the dog with a gun in the “Far Side” cartoon, he’s through begging. He has made it clear that he has gotten the forgiveness he needs (his wife’s) and doesn’t need yours.

Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Care What Everyone Thinks

. . . and it's back to business as usual. Who knows? He may even win. Which is the problem, IMO.

Anthony Weiner reaches out to Hillary Clinton alumni

This didn't seem to be a trend until I noticed this headlined politician tonight. Not being from New York, I don't get everything about news there and sure hadn't heard this before.

#2 Eliot Spitzer

Then - December 2007

Somehow, he’s become an unpopular governor careering from mess to mess. Allegations that his office used the state police to smear Joseph Bruno for misusing state aircraft (an affair known as Troopergate), and a doomed proposal to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, have compromised the brand. His head shot has appeared repeatedly in the Post over the words “dirty tricks.” Lou Dobbs spent a month ridiculing him on CNN.

The throngs of Wall Streeters who despised him for his unyielding prosecutions when he was attorney general have been joined by scores of affronted political professionals, whose egos, customs, or survival instincts demand that they indulge their negative reactions to his way of doing things.

Against Faso, he got sixty-nine per cent of the vote; a few weeks ago, a poll found that only twenty-five per cent would vote for him if an election were held today. The common perception—the dominant story line—is that Spitzer doesn’t have the collaborative temperament or the tactical elasticity to be a governor. To his critics, who complained that he exploited the attorney general’s office to gain the governor’s mansion, he was too political to be a prosecutor and yet is now too prosecutorial to be a politician.
(Spacing added by me)

. . .and Time Magazine in 2008 (which is well worth reading the whole story for those not familiar with the organized crime ring he was patronizing as a client)

On a day of heavy ironies for one of America's most prominent and promising politicians, there was this: the prostitution ring that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer allegedly patronized was called the Emperors Club VIP. It was the governor's own imperial mien, after all, that will make this fall from grace particularly bruising.
The Spitzer Scandal: Lust Plus Pride

Now 2013 / Gearing for Election Cycle

Eliot Spitzer, who resigned as governor of New York five years ago amid a prostitution scandal, is re-entering political life, with a run for the citywide office of comptroller and a wager that voters are ready to look past his previous misconduct.

Spitzer Rejoins Politics, Asking for Forgiveness

Of course, some believe Spitzer has far more stamina than Weiner......

Eliot Spitzer Is Nothing Like Anthony Weiner

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The Republicans seem to have a corner on the Stupid and plain primitive thinking market while the Democrats seem to have a corner on the general scumbag market. Really, both issues amount to the same worthless people in office by different paths of getting to that end result, but REALLY??

HOW many times do they get? They will learn and get better, I'm sure!

When they ACTUALLY DO GET CAUGHT, how about that be their career ender? Both cases here showed profound issues of bad judgement. The conduct in some ways was bad, in some ways? Private in other context. In public life? The fact they did what they were caught for showed exceptionally bad judgment which doesn't change like a cheap suit. It's a part of a person.

So how, in the name of all common sense, are the PROVEN crooks actually running with possible margins and chances to win? We have NO hope of reform when even those known to be of bad character and values can be taken seriously as come backs. :shk:

We get the Government we deserve. We Really do! ! !

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 01:03 AM
It's not us.

It's the brainwashed old and some young people that continue to re elect these fools.

My grandma in law continues to believe everything FOX news says.

She continues to believe that you can be turned gay.

She continues to hate Arabs.

It's these type of people that just won't die.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by Frankenchrist

it is us because we allow it to continue..

the fact that the phrase "professional politician" exists is scary.. they only do just enough to keep their job, the go all out when it comes to make money for themselves, they absolutely abuse the power that comes with their title.. etc.. where do "WE" fir into the puzzle? well.. their wardrobe, 5 star restaurant reservations, escalades lexus's and rolexes should be a hint.

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