Train derailment sparks major fire in Quebec's Eastern Townships

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 11:40 PM
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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 10:14 PM
Hi. For the sake of documentation, a year later I am adding a link to an informative post by Montana in which he explains the changes to rail transportation brought about by this thread's tragedy. link to rail transportation changes post

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:51 PM
a reply to: Montana

a reply to: gimmefootball400

This post is made in order to complete the ATS documentation on the Lac-Megantic disaster

Pre the release of the TSB report of Aug 19th, several critics voiced how the governing and overseeing bodies truly failed to take charge in supervising companies such as MMA whose lax safety culture and record was already known. That the overseers failed to act proactively and preventively in the interest of public safety is something being voiced loudly by the critics and some politicians, but since Parliament is not in session, will it all blow over b the time it reconvenes? Who exactly made the decision to reduce to one, the number of persons required on a train? Will that person be subject to a lawsuit? Damn, I sure hope so!

Part of 3rd phone call transcription freely translated by aboutface below:

RJ calling Harding at the Auberge hotel
FI: L’Auberge, bonsoir. (The INN, good evening)
RJ: Oui, bonsoir, chemins de fer MMA. Mon, mon p’tit Canadien y est-tu dans ton coin? (Yes, good evening, MMA Rail. My, my little Canuck are you there?)
FI: Euh … ben normalement y viennent me le dire quand y arrivent pis là, j’ai pas eu de nouvelle. (Um, well they usually let me know when they arrive, but till now I haven't heard from them.)
RJ: Ok. Euh, lui y serait dans la 5 ou dans 15? Dans 5, je pense hein?(Ok. Uh, him, he will be in (room number 5 or 15. In 5, I think, yes?)
FI: Euh, ben on a 2 chambres, la 5 pis ou la 15 là, y en a 2 qui rentrent? (Well we have 2 rooms, the 5 and the 15. There are two coming?)
RJ: Ben y en a just 1 qui rente, y a juste Tom qui rentre. (Well, there is only one who will show up, Tom only).
FI: Ha, mais je le sais pas … (Ha, well I don't know...)
RJ: Tu l’as pas vu? (You haven't seen him?)
FI: … dans quelle qui va. (... which room he goes to.)
RJ: Euh … essai-moi la 5 si vous plait (Please try 5 for me.)
FI: La 5? OK. (Number 5? OK.)
RJ: Merci. (Thank you.)
Beeps – phone rings

In another release the word "pelle mechanique" means steam shovel

An interesting read. Sound recordings downloadable too. Lac-Mégantic train disaster: engineer's emergency calls released

The TSB Report. Feel free to critique it.
TSB Aug 19, 2014: Press release and accident report

Just one of the critical articles.
Lac-Mégantic report lacking: Saint John region officials

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