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Waves in the dreams

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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 04:07 PM
i donīt know what this dream means, and i need some help on its interpretation.

Usually i have some weird dreams in the morning. I wake up, and then fall asleep again, and it's at this time most of those weird dreams occur.

i had this dreams a few other times, but the location of the action is different.

i am near the sea, in front to it. it's all calm. then we (i'm not alone, my mother and grandmother are with me) start seeing a huge wave at distance. the wave comes against us. my concerns are with my mother and grandmother. the wave reaches us. the next moment we are again near the sea as before, full aware of the previous wave, and we are already seeing another shaping up.

there are 7 waves and then the ocean rests calm again. but after the same time the waves took from the moment they begin to the last one have passed, another 7 waves cycle begins.

i usually don't remember my dreams unless there some kind of emotional feelings involved. in this case, i felt like there was nothing to do about it, we had wait the wave to reach us to move on what we were doing.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 10:33 PM
Perhaps you feel helpless or unable to control "waves" of difficulties, problems, dilemmas, etc. that occur in your life, and the sea waves are symbolic of this.

You feel protective of your family but are impotent to intervene.

Things do calm down between the sequences of waves, which seems to indicate that you also enjoy periods of calmness in your life.

Learning to accept life's challenges and going with the flow--riding out the waves -- is imperative to survival.

Seven is a very symbolic number and could have a myriad of meanings. What does 7 mean to you?

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 08:02 PM
hi awoman, thanks for your post.

well, i really can't say that i have problmes and difficulties in my lift. i don't. however, your right about being protective of my family, and you're quite rith, also, when you say i enjoy "peaceful" moments.

about the number. i am not, and i have never been, one of those people who feel attached to a number, a color or something else. the number 7 doesn't mean a thing to me. however i know it is mentioned as a "mystic" number, and that it represents the "completudiness" ( "to be complete", i don't know if this word exists) - based on the genesis book.

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