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Help with being Healthy

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posted on Jun, 25 2013 @ 04:33 PM
Openeye try making a few health meals at one time instead of cooking, preparing for every meal. This will mean that when you are hungry you have stuff to eat right away.
Example- Cook a pound of brown rice at a go
Few pounds of vegetables
Maybe a pound of fish
Cut a few pounds of fruits
This is some advice I gave to another member in a slightly different context however I think it applies to you as well-

If you are trying to loose weight consider a few things- Try to determine you basic metabolic rate. Cut a few hundred calories from what you should be consuming every day, no more than that. There are plenty of calorie counter apps like MyFitnessPal. Example for a meal plan-

Consider exercising at 60-70% of maximum heart rate. That is the ideal zone to lose fat. Any higher the body will start using sugars (as in carbs). Basic models for heart rate monitors cost 30$. Join a cheap 24 hour gym. I have seen 9-20$/month. Instead of giving money to trainers there are plenty of good exercise plans to loose weight on the internet. Example-

Reduce dairy consumption to zero. This alone will cause you to loose significant weight if you eat a lot of dairy.

Stop eating sugars of all kinds especially fake like splenda, sucrose, stevia, high fructose included. These confuse the body. The logic is simple your body has certain chemical reactions when you consume sugar. When you eat fake sugar your body doesn't know if its getting any calories so it hoards calories in the form of fat. Juicing can certainly help like pointed out.

posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by Openeye

Originally posted by Openeye
Ah to be fit and healthy, it is almost seems like a fantasy.

It's not a fantasy... It's simply expending more energy then you take in... (food =fuel)

Originally posted by Openeye
I for one have very little willpower

Has nothing to do with will power, or anything similar... It's just a matter of going against your feelings (which are fleeting and temporary) and doing what you have to do to yield the results that you want.
If you are just sedintary or lazy... This is the hard, honest truth about changing your lifestyle from unhealthy/obese-destined to healthy/old-age-skinny-mini-yogini/yogi-like'ened.

Originally posted by Openeye
When it comes to food I just seem to be stupid.

There things like Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers and online forums geared to helping people cope with stresses of life and how to do this food-control thing that so many people struggle with... Many privately and are ashamed of themselves. But it's actually come to be the "American Way" of eating... Processed foods are so bad for you, loaded with chemicals (Did you know Sodium Bicarbonate is a fat-inducing chemical injected into beef before slaughter? And did you know slaughter house workers abuse the animals as they kill them?) It has nothing to do with logic or intellect... but everything to do with ignorance. Educate yourself.

Originally posted by Openeye
But I seriously need to get my eating habits under control.

the first step in any recovery program is to admit you have a problem and that you are powerless against it. Then you can do little tiny baby steps to improve your life ... Don't do too much at ONCE, baby steps... Educate yourself.

And peace, love and luck to you, OP.

P.S. Also, make sure you talk about your health concerns about food and appetite with your primary care physician, endocrinologist, or other specialist of your choosing... As hunger/appetite and hormones are highly inter-connected (first hand experience).
edit on 28-6-2013 by schmirror because: PS added...thanks for reading!

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