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The Woolwich Strong March(will ours be a peacefull one)

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posted on Jun, 22 2013 @ 03:45 PM
Tomorrow (Sunday 23/06/13) across 93 towns and cities in the UK there will be a marches organised by a group called "The Stand Strong Movement" in honour of Drummer Lee Rigby, who was brutally murdered at the hands of extremists in broad day light on a busy London street

One of the cities that are holding a march is the city of Exeter in Devon which is only a half hour drive down the motorway for me and it is a place I am very familiar with.
Here is some content from the Exeter Strongs Facebook page

We would just like to make it very clear that this page and the march is open to anybody, from any religion, ethnicity or background. We do not discriminate. We will however not stand for politics being brought into the page and this is why we've been so hard people posting links to their political groups. One other thing that needs to be addressed, the Rigby family have clearly stated that they do not want violent protests and hate marches held in their sons name; this will be neither. Stand Strong is a peaceful march which aims to bring communities together. DEAN AND TANYA

Just had meeting with E.C.C, D.C.C Highways,Police and cathedral people were a go we have change route slightly and are finishing at the Exeter war Memorial in Northern hay. Start time will be brought forward so watch this space.

What started out as a dream has almost become completely true. The Stand Strong Movement is now at 93 branches strong, over 10,000 people are involved and we have just a few weeks left until we march on the 23rd. Despite facing frequent and most horrible attacks from groups such as SLATUKIP and the vast majority of my organisers remained strong and ignored the threats, torment and spam they had received on a daily basis from these groups. I have been called every name under the hat and have been accused of crimes to rival some of the most vilest people in history but my passion to see this project succeed grows stronger by the day. Stand Strong!

On 23rd of June, at 1200 hours; people from across the country will unite in a universal march against extremism. Wearing the scarlet 'Woolwich Strong' T-shirt and standing proud, we will all march forward into a future without extremism, terrorism and oppression. Together as Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Hindu; we all have the same goal, to eradicate extremism. There will be a 5 minute silence held after the march in honour of our fallen hero, Drummer Lee Rigby. Tell your friends, your family and even strangers. This is going to be a truly historic day. STAND STRONG!!

Ok so seems fair enough to me a bunch of people wanting to pay there respects to a soldier who was murdered a month ago to take a stand against extremism and they are going out of their way to organise it properly and make sure it is not politicaly motivated according to their facebook page there are 155 going and 63 maybees
Facebook page

The group who have refered to Lee's murderers as only extremist (not muslim) and have made it pretty clear anyone is welcome have not surprisingly come under fire from the local UAF but also the local media and a local councilor


An article published on anti-EDL webpage, criticises the Stand Strong Movement accusing it to be “riddled” with members of far-right groups. In the article Mr Westlake is accused of being an “active member” of a group called Combined Ex Forces (CXF) which is an extreme far-right organisation for serving and former members of the armed forces focused primarily on campaigning against Islam. Members of the Exeter United Against Fascism group have expressed concerns about Mr Westlake’s involvemen with CXF. The author of the article lifted photos from Mr Westlake’s Facebook page which included ones of his family and of CXF car stickers. Mr Westlake admits being a member of the group but stresses he was so “unwittingly” and disassociated himself from the group about 10 days ago. He said he joined CXF around 18 months ago because he supports the campaign of ensuring justice for our soldiers, which he thought was the primary purpose of the group.

So mr Westlake likes a page on facebook and is automaticaly deemed as far right, because of this photos of his family are taken from his facebook and published on the web he has been slated on a local radio show by all accounts the radio interview was nothing moore than a pr stunt for local councilor Ian Martin, who is so against this march that he has decided to hold his own peace vigil on the same day, at the same time, in the same location, whis has caused the police to increase there numbers which will cost the tax payer even more

Express & Echo

I have had many dealings with the far left in Devon and as I have said before in other threads they are the reason I left the EDL the far left are a more of a threat to the good people of Devon than the average muslim
I will be going along tommorow armed with only a camera and a Union Jack and I will update this thread tomorrow when I get home.

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posted on Jun, 22 2013 @ 05:09 PM
I don't remember seeing these marches when the IRA was bombing us, why start now ?

This march is clearly race and politically motivated. I will have no part of this fascism.

posted on Jun, 22 2013 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by dmsuse
I don't remember seeing these marches when the IRA was bombing us, why start now ?

This march is clearly race and politically motivated. I will have no part of this fascism.

how is it

"clearly race" motivated- ffs there are ginger beared muslims

As for "politically"- so what- you have no part in politics now?

If you want to go back to the Northern Irish troubles- I as a NORTHERN IRISHMAN was treated differently at airports and ferry terminals- so since you are big on analogies, why isn't this happening to Muslims

Take yourself off with your racist nonsense

posted on Jun, 22 2013 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by dmsuse

This march is clearly race and politically motivated. I will have no part of this fascism.

they have just updated there event page

The route will be as follows civic centre, Blue boy square though Princess hay to bedford st right into bedford square to the high st, Right on high st to boots then left though roman walk up into Northern hay gardens to the war memorial where there will be 2 mins silence at 13.00hrs I would ask that we March no wider than 4 abreast due to the paths and streets for safety reasons. I would also ask if we do encounter any protesters or abuse that you ignore it and let the police deal with it we want a peacefull march let them be the bad people. We have met with the Police today and walked the route and have been assured of our safety.

can you tell my why you think this is a facist event and race motivated I dont understand

About The Stand Strong March is NOT part of EDL or BNP it is a group against extremism, oppression and terrorism as a country in a non-political way. That has to be clear. We welcome all of you whatever race or religion to STAND STRONG together Description EXETER STRONG MARCH Buy the Shirt: Join us on June 23rd for the Stand Strong March All proceeds will be donated to multiple military charities (Please read notes section)

you could try folowing the links I provided

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