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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 05:18 AM
hmm, i thought i set up account here already

guess i forgot, longtime experience, got a good idea about the whole things, but I ain't expert in details.

yeah i know all about alternative media/infowars/david icke/rept/nazi anti-gravity/banking system/saturn installation/hollow moon ...etc etc

What I meant with no details, is that, well, in terms of experts, I can't be high, I never read any of those books, pretty young so I'm working on job this year I might set up online-purchasing, everything around here is pretty much COD (cash on delivery) so never got a big reason to pay for account, and paypal never had good reputation anways. There's no such books here, I just searched now, well i didn't hunt it down like, i searched key words in biggest library. Well i just found Chris Hedges Empire of Illusion in one of them ... that's probably it.

I never liked to read school books, i guess it's because it wasn't interesting, indoctrination camps, this interesting stuff makes me actually want to read books.

saw several ufos around my city and abroad. don't remember which one was the first

at first there are aircraft that look like ufos and I got pretty freaked out when i mixed them, they had no exhaust and looked like cigars for me but that's just because I don't see very well at long distances but if I put strain into the eyes i can get 60% better sight so I could tell it was a plane, but zero exhaust.

one in holidays on sea, i looked up at the edge of the house roof standing from yard and i positioned so the sun was not hitting my eyes but the roof so I don't kill my eyes but right in the edge so I could see into the glare area, so very close to the sun there were 3 dots moving in a single line one after another and were faint so I wasn't sure what the hell it was, that day i saw more exhaust-less planes, and I don't remember if it was the same year but when we go fishing to a nearby dock 100 meters away (house is 30 m to sea on island facing to the mainland balkan peninsula) so when it was getting dark and it was later than usual and out of a sudden there's a flash and like wtf, there was no storm, but I thought my eyes just blinked, nobody else said anything, but i was facing to the south which meant i could see the mainland and island toward the open sea, and the island had unhabitable rubble-shrubs hills on it's open-sea side, and on top of that for two times i saw a blue star flash and it wasn't flashing the area it was a blink, and what the hell was that, it was in an X shape and blue, white in the centers, it was fast, nobody else saw it i think. I didn't like these things so i forced my self to forget about it but yes i knew at the time there will definitely come time when i'll tell about it.

Another, at vikend place, so a bit 15km out of the city, in a farm town, which has zero air traffic(sports only sometimes in daytime), and there's no big air traffic at all aroung here, only transit. It was picnic and it was getting dark, so I'm going to the fence so I could see the town and trees and the church and see a yellow steady light moving slowly from left to right and then the light just disappears in mid air. It was that weird slow ... if it was plane nearby it would be faster, the light coming off looked like it was closer but it was dark I couldn't tell.

Another one at home I was cooking corn on barbecue, it was pure dark and just about as I'm cleaning everything off there's a blue light again from left to right slowly moving and I couriously floow it and it goes behind a house, so i run to the other side of the yard and there's nothing there!

I think there are some planes which purposelly have these lights on bottom as once I saw actually a plane with this light down, but these planes don't look like to be in the usually transit flight path, I saw them mostly in early years 2002-2007.

One of the interesting things was, that I didn't like this a lot because it was scarry, I was pretty fearful of faces, and I also had a paranormal problem when stuff around the house was creeking a heck lot and previously once I had some ear-stability infecton or something, i had these moments when i thought I was going to fall forward down, so sometimes i would just stand and start running forward and crash into something, I told my mother who never took me seriously so I kept it to my self and didn't ask doctor and the thing took half a year to fix, i got ocassional moments even 2 years later, I have no idea what happened at the time, this was before the paranormal thing when I hand an old TV in my room (very heavy german-made) and that.

The paranormal thing was a picture I think my brother took when he was goofing around with his grandma downstairs apartment, it was a standard film camera, and for some reason he took a shot in kitchen midday, under the table and on the other side granma was sitting on the wooden zofa or bench or what it's called, and when picture came out there was a transparent white creature that looked like a cat or something, clearly eyes mouth and nose and kind of like nothing ever seen before, well I hope they didn't throw the picture away, last time I saw it was more than 7 years ago, I was freaked out so was family and we didn't talk much about it, just left it alone, my mom probably took care of it and I hope she didn't throw it away.

The background is, well I don't know, the house was built by grandpa on farm land, this whole area was farmland like +40 years ago. A very old, abandoned cemetery was 50 yards away, where I used to go with street friends to goof around, there was also a huligan tree hideout that was abandoned, the cemetery was full of forrest, walking paths, and even a car path in middle, that became obsolete when the city started doing sewer canals under the roads, and trucks offloaded a lot of rubble into the cemetery, there was one statue at the cemetery for remembering placed, but most of the actual tombs were destroyed and only 3 of the biggest ones remained and were rotten, i could took pics but I didn't had camera nor phone I was too young, now they built a elderly home over it, so everything's gone now. In the old days homeless people used to lurk this cemetery and brought trash there so we found all kinds of weird things, even an oven with test tubes with yellow liquid inside lol, i'll never forget that scene. The whole thing was in the middle of urban area. I did came contact with tombs, i stepped once and I could feel ground beind unstable, for a joke i started digging a bit but then freaked out and left it alone, so did i catched a spirit that way or what.

Chronologically i forgot stuff what came first, i think the lurking in cemetery came first, i'm 90% sure.

There was years when there was some extreme creeking going on, but it was pre 2006 as I got PC and internet around that year - which now doesn't happen at all, so It wasn't an old house wood flexing and shrinking, it's real bricks and concrete.

The point is, this creeking thing happened EXACTLY AT MOMENTS when I saw scarry stuff, exactly as I was fearful, so it felt like someone was detecting my fear and responding to it to swiss-watch maker accuracy. Which is why I became even more freaked out and the thing wouldn't stop so I had to either leave the damn house or start thingking about something else, I had to change tv channel to something non-scarry, non-ufo. There was a lot of ufo-stuff on discovery channel in those years.

posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 05:24 AM
What was creeking was, the TV it self(plastic), the windows, the table, the kitchen was connected with living room so it could see the device which sucks air when there's cooking going on, that steam sucker had a light switch which was mostly turned on and the whole thing was aluminum, that thing just wouldn't stop creeking, once I blew up and tried to talk to the ghost and when it creeked I immediately looked at that point and started searching, didn't make it stop.

In my bedroom it was the wood since I have all-wooden roof. (it's heavy thick wood)

I haven't focused on ghost stuff so I don't know to this day what the heck it was all about. I'm glad it went away.

For some reason I was curious to then watch ghost films and once when grandpa bought new TV I took the old TV to my room for some time, ofcourse I threw it out after that happened, so here it goes, I had it for a week or two, and my national channel had a creepy film one night, it was full blown paranormal, car stop working in middle of road at night, man goes to a wooden house with angry old man inside yelling at him banging on his door the previous night, ... don't remember all, then i remember the housewife scene when she looks outside window as a car passes by and those red lights from the back of the car turn into eyes or something at which point my TV starts to go HAYWIRE it start blinking and flashing and looking like it will go defect and I had a rope tied to the electircal cable to turn the tv off when i go to sleep, so i pulled so many times and it wouldn't disconnect from extender socket, I got the real taste of fear, i go there turn it off, go to sleep totally shocked, and then i try to get asleep, I can feel presence at the windows, but no sounds, creeks ofcourse, but then a part of the blanket just moves all by it self which was weird, and i didn't know if i did it or not with my hands, i think it was just gravity on the part of the folded blanket on top of my head falling to one of the side as i was barricading my self under the 3 layers of sleep covering.

The stability loss thing happened separately I think, But I don't know if it was before or after paranormal.

One of the other examples was when I was going to sleep, man, I had real problems with this, I couldn't get my self to sleep since when I layed down I felt like I was endlessly falling down and spinning around forward wise. I kept my self seeing static when i closed my yes as leaving my mind to think for it self didn't work, I had mental issue as I couldn't get thoughts out of my head and focus on something else, it just kept coming back.

During the day, when I was sitting in table to eat and play cards, I felt my legs out of sync. I felt like I was sitting 90* degrees to the right, I felt my legs somewhere else from the actual location where they were, it wasn't constant, it was switching a bit and a bit mixed, so sometimes I felt them at 2 locations at once. Upper body was all fine, just the legs felt they. Parents totally dismissed me when I tried to explain this, my parents were very weird through the years as well, sometimes more sometimes less, and in different way, mother had problems with her behavior and sometimes acted inappropriately or very stupid, father had that dominatory protocol when he was always making him self the smartest, and that's another thing that came later, huge psychological issues and arguing after i started failing in school, so maybe some of these things could come early abuse at which point I did not had psychological effect at all, I developed a huge psychological effect after all that and just got back into proper life and cured it, he was a drunker most of my childhood and I better not get into all that right now because it's a big story.
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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 06:35 AM
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Where we...

You will fit right in here; enjoy yourself; debate...inform...learn...and grow; see you around the fourms!

posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 07:08 AM
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hello! and welcome! again, i guess....

wanna see my spaceship?

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 02:24 PM
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Originally posted by solve
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hello! and welcome! again, i guess....

wanna see my spaceship?

It is a green alien man!
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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 04:18 PM
I left the bathroom.
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