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Do you think that SARS could become the next "Worst Disaster" in world history?

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posted on May, 14 2003 @ 12:49 AM
Ok I'm going to try and make this a poll, please review a quick sheet of facts just to make an educated guess.

First off WHO does think they can contain this, so this is more like a "worst case senario" then an actual prediction of the future, however a few things:

In 1918-1919 the "Spanish Flu" swept across the world and killed 20-40 million, the exact figure is not known.

This flu infected about 20 million Americans, and killed 675,000.

This flu is spread basically from person to person, just like SARS.

The "Spanish flu" had a death rate of around 3%.

SARS has a death rate of anywhere from 6-15% depending on age, and 50% if you are older than 60.

Now, out of curiosity, do you feel that SARS, if not kept in check, if it can be kept in check (WHO is optomistic I am not, like the flu, SARS could die down for the summer, only to spring up suddenly in the winter.), do you think that SARS could very well be the next greatest disaster in human history?


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