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Updated: Analysis of next possible terror attack.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 07:35 AM
Note to Mods:
This is not related to the lastest video alone but to a combination of all the videos and dates that attacks followed. Please do not make the mistake of moving this to dreams and predictions. People need to be aware. Thank you.

Threat of Attack Following October 29th Osama Video
We will be releasing an in-depth analysis of the 29 Oct. video address
by Osama bin Laden in the next 12 hours. However, one initial finding
warrants immediate release.

Since January 2002, there have been only three direct addresses in
audio or video form by Osama bin Laden to the American people. All
three of these addresses occurred in Oct. One in 2002, 2003 and now
2004. In both 2002 and 2003, these addresses were followed by signature
al-Qaeda attacks within 1-53 days.

The below bullet list covers audio/video statements made by Osama bin
Laden between Jan. 2002 and 1 Nov. 2004. It shows who each address by
Osama bin Laden was directed to. Frequently this is pointed out by
Osama bin Laden in the first few lines of each statement. There were
other written statements issued during this period that are not
reflected here.

- 29 Oct. 2004 - Americans
- 6 May 2004 - Ummah and Muslim Brothers
- 15 Apr. 2004 - Europeans
- 4 Jan. 2004 - Ummah and Muslim Brothers
- 18 Oct. 2003 - Iraqi People and Americans
- April 2003 - Muslim Brothers
- Feb. 2003 - Palestinians and Muslim Brothers
- 11 Feb. 2003 - Muslim Brothers in Iraq
- 12 Nov. 2002 - US Allies
- 6 Oct. 2002 - Americans


- Following 18 Oct. 2003 Address to Americans:

- 8 Nov. 2003 - Vehicular Bombing of the al-Muhaya Housing Compound -
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
- 15 Nov. 2003 - Vehicular Bombings of Synagogues - Istanbul, Turkey
- 20 Nov. 2003 - Vehicular Bombings of HSBC Bank HQ
& UK Consulate - Istanbul Turkey

- Following 6 Oct. 2002 Address to Americans:

- 6 Oct. 2002 - Vehicular Bombing of Limburg Oil Tanker - off Coast of
- 8 Oct. 2002 - Shooting Targeting US Marines - Failaka, Kuwait
- 28 Nov. 2002 - SAM Strike & Vehicular Bombing in Mombasa, Kenya

Here you will also find another link that I posted that is relevant to this story. Note: "Muslim brothers" protected in mosque.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 03:52 PM
I certainly see a pattern here, and I would agree that there is a high risk of a major attack in the next few weeks. Statements signed by Abu Hafs al Masri brigades have in turn announced "Operation Winds of Black Death", and then spoken of two major components to a coming attack on America (presumable Winds of Black Death). These two components are the gift of al Aqsa and the gift of the OBL.

The fact that 2 videos were released just prior to the election is consistent with the 2 component strike outlined by previous messages. The fact that both videos were completely different from anything released before also indicates that these events are significant.

The Assam al Amriki video was given directly to a US media source, was recorded in english and addressed directly to the American public. This is the first such message of which I am aware.

The OBL video, as was noted on ATS and elsewhere, is very different from his previous messages.

Now, within days of the election, we get a new message from the Abu Hafs al Masri brigades.

My hypothesis is that the al Amriki and the OBL videos activate both components of the Winds of Black Death operation and put them at a given readiness status, perhaps one month readiness, or something like it. The Amriki video most likely activates the gift of Al Aqsa, whereas the OBL video actives the gift of OBL, which is "on its way to the White House".

Muslims bring oil to Al Aqsa to burn as a gift. I would therefore suggest that the Gift of Al Aqsa is the economic component of the strike and will target a major oil facility, perhaps a port or a refinery complex.

I would also suggest that the Gift of OBL is the political and symbolic component of the strike, and will target the White House or the entire government district in DC. Note that most commentators remarked that OBL wanted to seem more "statesmanlike" in his latest video. This is what one would expect if he was about to bring a "gift" to a head of state.

The two component strike, one economic and one political is consistent with the planning of 9/11: WTC and Pentagon/White House. They missed the White House the first time, and they are known for not giving up on an objective once they are after it.

I am afraid this might be big. I hope it is somehow stopped, or that I am completely wrong in my interpretation of available intel.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 03:59 PM
I wish Winds of Black Death could be more defined or that some would give their open opinion on it's meaning.

I think that black could be describing oil and it's disruption somehow.

This link related to oil also mentioned a coming terror attack.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 04:34 PM
I found this link that describes the black wind of death. Interesting as it is considered part of the seals in this writing.

Another related here on ATS

And then this one involving Yellowstone and a nuke.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 04:47 PM
Do a index search on, and you will find the signs
of the allege coming attack.
One is when Arafat is out of the way.

Something else of interest there is the islam eschatology.


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