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Nuclear wars in prehistoric India

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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 10:38 AM

Originally posted by MaxSteiner

Originally posted by Hanslune

These same exact claims have been made countless times on this board and just as many countless times been dismissed as fake, or unsupported.

No radioactive bodies, no nuclear war, no high tech civilization. All this nonsense comes from fringe stories that have no backing. It was first created in the World Island Review, January 1992.

Are you sure its all a modern creation?
Oppenheimer was a firm believer, and he's more of a credible expert on nuclear war than anyone on this forum

You can easily see that it predates 92

Yep 1992, there are earlier versions but the story as noted above came together in 1992 you can find some UFO based stuff earlier. Oppenehimer had no archaeological knowledge (AFAIK) and I'm not sure he actually thought the ancient Indians had nuclear weapons despite his quote at trinity. Do you have any links to where he stated he believed the AI had atomic weapons?
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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by Hanslune

Largely all allegorical unfortunately, but I have books in my possession which talk about nuclear war in India which predate 1992, grabbing the first book off my shelves which I know does "We are not the first" by Andrew Thomas printed in 1971 mentioning that a radioactive skeleton had been found in India with levels fifty times normal levels - which is referenced from "Riddles in Ancient History" by A Gorbovski published in 1966 which pushes it back even further.

Regarding Oppenheimers belief though, he had a keen interest in the history of ancient India describing it as the most influential thing in his life and going so far as to learn Sanskrit in college.

Generally when he's mentioned in regards to ancient nuclear war you get the following:
When a student asked “‘Was the atomic test at Alamagordo the first nuclear blast?”
(meaning: Was there a U.S. program before Alamagordo?)
Oppenheimer answered: ‘Yes, in modern times.’

Many of his post war lecture were heavily filled with quotes from the Bhagva gita, and he was fascinated by the facts such as the Varahamira table gaving the size of a hydrogen atom and that the Indian time going down to a unit named a kashta that was 1/300 millionth of a second, saying “In ancient India, we find words for certain measurements of length, one was the distance of light-years and one was the length of the atom. Only a society that possessed nuclear energy would have the need for such words.”

There's also a quote which is attributed to him, but I am highly dubious of as I've never seen a decent reference:
"They are not fictional stories. They are history. They speak of flying vimanas. ‘Vimanas’ were real vehicles and the origin of the ‘Aeroplanes’. Great wars were described in the early texts. Weapons could literally level the land like a moving force field.”

But yeah, long and the short of it is, I can find references to radiated skeletons going back to 1966, and there's enough allegorical quotes on Oppenheimer to fill a small chapter in many a conspiracy themed book (Wasn;t he also a member of the OTO and a friend of Crowly? He's good conspiracy fodder

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I do agree that it's a bit redundant to start another thread on it, but lets face it, all the decent boards on here are glacially slow these days, at least it's a new thread in here

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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by MaxSteiner

Yes you are correct there have been earlier mentions of 'radioactive' skeletons, the 1992 date relates to the expanded version of the tale as it is normally protrayed today.

The problem with the old Indian texts is that people have imaginatively mistranslated them using modern usage.

The archaeological evidence shows no high tech societies in the sub-continent of course.

Thanks for the info on Oppie, interesting guy

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by Hanslune

I do agree with you there, but that said the translations don't have to be imaginative to give you hint's at some advanced warfare, my copy of the Bhagvagita is decidedly unflashy, but it still describes flying machines and arrows leveling cities and the like.

On the whole I think if you look at alot of the Indian epics, they're quite clearly referencing stuff that happened, just massively blown out of proportion, for instance Sri Lankans become 10 headed tiger demons
I think it somewhat probable that explosives were used in some of these ancient battles, probably not nukes though.

All that said, I'm not sure there would be evidence of a high tech civilisation after four thousand years, if you're mainly working with bio degradable materials a lot of it would be lost to future generations especially in a place like India where the British went out of their way to skew history and present native culture as savage, when actually India was pretty badass (good way to keep the natives down and all that).
The Indians had Steel by 300BC, and the process is still reckoned to produce the finest steel you can get (another good example of us Brits destroying evidence of any hint of India having advanced civilistation in 1857 we destroyed as many Wootz steel swords in India as we could, and the means to produce them) further more the Iron pillar of Dehli is reputed to date back too 912 BC and it still has no rust on it - pretty advanced in my book.

- should clarify though that when I say high tech I don't mean as advanced as we are today, I just mean a stable civilisation with scientific understanding far in advance of what we attribute to historical peoples, and enough to seem wondrous to those they come in contact with - which there is a pretty good argument for in many places around the world.

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 02:42 PM
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this hoax (yes, really) has been discussed dozens of times before.

See our "has this been posted before" topic for the major threads. If you feel you have something brand new to add, please do continue those conversations. This thread will be closed, per ATS rules against duplicate threads.

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