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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 08:40 PM
As much as I would love to see people like Obama and Australia's Julia Gillard physically removed from office, the question has to be asked, 'why do we focus so much on the puppet's and not the string puller's' ?

Are we going to keep looking up at the Wizard of Oz, or do we start looking behind the curtain ? It's not the King or Queen you have to worry about, it's the people in the ear of the King and Queen [or president or Prime Minister] that we have to worry about.

I'm very aware that the string puller's are VERY subtle in what they do, and live in the shadow's making their detection almost impossible, but not entirely impossible. And I believe a good place to start is by firstly looking into people that serve as "advisor's" [in the King's ear], especially those that have served over several different Presidents or Prime Ministers. When you can be classed as an "advisor" to several different "leader's", it pretty much proves that that person has a lot more influence than just an "advisor" would have. Yes I understand that an advisor may be very good at their job, but in saying that we all know how the world of politics works and any "advisor" that serves several terms under different "leader's" is more than likely a string puller. I believe these are the people we need to start targeting and focusing on, because while we keep focusing on the puppet, the string puller[s] carries on with the show. But when people start looking at the string puller, the puppet may as well not exist !

The king is useless without the people in his ear. A President, or Prime Minister is useless without their "advisor's". Same thing, different title.

And now this lead's me to the purpose of starting this thread................with all this known, WHY do people still align themselves to a Political party as if it was a sporting team and give them unconditional support. When you support a political party based on the party name [Republican-Democrat, Labor-Liberal etc] and not by policy, then YOU are contributing to the problem. All politicians should be held accountable by their policies, NOT by what political party they are with. It always makes with laugh with disgust when I hear people call themselves lifelong Republican, Democrat, Labor or Liberal supporters. So basically you people don't care about policies or what's best for your country overall, you only care about your party [football team] winning, because it justifies your decision to support them. This is the most idiotic way of thinking I've ever seen, and no wonder the string pullers know they have US wrapped around their little finger.

Yes I an aware that our vote does not count, but the fact is these puppets and their string pullers tell us that our vote does count and does matter, and we can then play their game back at them by then holding them accountable to the policies they made. We can't control who the string puller's put into power, but we can hold the puppets accountable and remove them for not carrying out THEIR policies, but we don't. Why ?

We actually have much more power then we give ourselves credit for, but rather than act on this, we just complain online and say "oh well, 4 more years". But why ?

The mess we are in today worldwide is due to the puppets, the string pullers, and those that blindly align themselves to a political party regardless of policy. If YOU are a lifelong voter for one party, regardless of policy, then YOU are just as much to blame as the puppet and their string puller's. The puppets and string puller's RELY on people like you because they know they already have a minimum amount of votes before they even make a policy. Yet if people didn't align themselves to one party, it would be the party with the best policies, with the best interest of ALL the country in mind that would win. The string pullers know this and that's why they love you lifelong one party voters so much, and you people who do this then give the string pullers a stage to perform on, and a puppet for all to see.

It's NOT a popularity contest, its not a pissing contest, it's not a football game. Its YOUR life and YOUR existence. Maybe YOU should remember that the next time you blindly align yourself to one party. To realise you are being conned, you have to see what the con is. While you contribute to the con, then you are no better than the conmen !

Just because our vote doesn't count, doesn't mean the voter's can't hold THEM accountable !


posted on May, 16 2013 @ 08:58 PM
Hopefully someone will come and answer this, I have been asking people this for years. Its hard for people to imagine that they have no say, so even though this is all political theater that is run in a political ponerology it doesn't seem to bother anyone, unless it interrupts their regularly scheduled programming.

Peace, NRE.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

Programming, that's the key word here. Here in Australia the only seats [voting area's by geographical location] that have money injected into them are the seat's that are classed as 'marginal seats', or seat's that are a 50/50 bet. If a seat is known as either a Labor seat, or a Liberal seat, then the other party will not invest in that seat as they know its not one of "their" seat's, but the flip side is the party that owns the seat will not invest any money either as they know its a "safe" seat and know there is no threat from the other party.

A prime example would be a city like Wollongong [an hours drive south of Sydney]. It has long been regarded as a "safe" Labor seat, and Liberal barely even bother lobbying in Wollongong as they know its a "Labor town". But here's the catch, Wollongong is now, and for the last 10 years at least, been in radical decline with company after company closing down, with very few new companies starting up. Youth unemployment in Wollongong is one of the highest in the country. Yet we are supposedly a safe Labor town. Labor knows its a Labor town therefore does not have to spend a single cent as they know they have the vote before any election. Liberal don't spend a cent on Wollongong because they know its wasted money. And why does this happen in towns like Wollongong, because we have lifelong Labor supporters no matter what their policies are, and they sadly make up the majority. Even as bad as Wollongong is going, I still hear people say that they will still vote Labor despite the city going down the drain at a rapid rate. But when liberal don't want to send any money here, then what other options do we have ?

And why do people align themselves to one political party.........................because they have been programmed into believing that there was 2 parties to begin with and have to pick one and then stick with that one like supporting a football team. Labor was all about Wollongong when BHP was in full flight in the 70,s and 80,s, but as soon as BHP [Bluescope steel] started to go into decline, the spending from Labor has dried up at the same time and rate as BHP declined. Basically, Labor wanted everything to do with Wollongong while things were sailing along nicely, but as soon as our major source of employment [BHP] went into decline, Labor hasn't been seen or heard of since.

So long story short, Liberal won't spend any money because they know they can't win the seat, and Labor don't spend any money because they know its a safe seat, and cities like Wollongong are left to rot and fend for themselves. Yet seats classed as marginal get funding from both sides as its a 50/50 town and the more a party invests in that seat, the more likely that party will win the seat. So there is proof that lifelong supporters add to the problem, undecided voters going by policy get ALL the funding. Just like in business, the more competition there is, the better the deal for the end user, but no competition and its one party doing what it wants when it wants !

So WHY do we still have lifelong voter mentalities in the year 2013, and what more will it take for those fools to snap out of the programmed state of mind that they are clearly in ?

posted on May, 17 2013 @ 12:00 AM
Great thread. And I agree totally, except for one thing: I don't think it's anything but posturing anyway, just to give you the illusion that this political process, anywhere, has any power or accomplishes anything.....without having been p lanned years in advance by whomever those string pullers reallly are. And getting to the bottom of that is the most difficult part, really. Clearly, the way to remain in control, is to masquerade as one who is unimportant and has no control...just another worker bee, living their average life. That's the appearance, anyway. And then there are those in the "circles of power," whom most of willl never know the names of, see or be aware in any way of their existence......
But your expressing how playing into this "game" and the way you wrote this was truly great. I hope it opens some eyes, and that someday we will at least know who made us puppets....and conned us into thinking there was some process by which we had control and therefore, responsibility.

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