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The game and the objective

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 06:28 PM
I have had a waking conscious experience recently which has lead me to believe that reality can be labeled no other way as a complex "simulated game". A game that i have observed to be played three possible ways which i am yet unable to determine which is most suitable for my existence. The aim of the game is energy in all three creative paths however how this energy is obtained and what it is used for in terms of manifesting physical reality varies depending on the polarity flow of the individuals vortex center or heart. So for the most obvious option in this game the objective would be to win outright. To try to garnish as much focused attention from as many intelligences as possible so that the "vortex" of that individual can siphon that energy and manifest it through a symbol of power most obviously money or religion into full control of the observational surroundings. This path leads to a complete manipulation of experiences at the expense of something or someone else (energy is balanced and will compensate). This choice path would explain an elitist mentality and why they would not care about the life force of what they consider "lesser beings".
The second option for the game experience would be to garnish enough focused attention from intelligences and then use that energy to manifest a situation where all the individuals who have contributed in that energy flow are rewarded and educated about the flow of energy so that relationships can be symbiotic and not parasitic in nature. This would help reconcile the energy imbalances at the point of contact and allow the individual not to build up dangerous levels of individual physical manifesting power. I also think that this path leads to an everyone wins scenario where the "game experience" is much more balanced and opportunities are presented to a wider range of intelligences. Obviously the aim of this path is about sharing, personal responsibility and awareness for "others game experience". Path one would lead to a very parasitic existence, path two would be a very symbiotic experience so what is path three?
Fark the game and all its poxy players vying for the "title"! Walk away and figure out that energy can be drawn from the planet the same way a smaller intelligence feeds into flow. Do not concern ones self with people who technically are just tools to help with our own existence experience. Like all tools they can be used for construction and destruction but the question is will people ever realize if they cant play both tools when the situation arises someone will take on a role of their "hammer" or their "stone" and start shaping their experience.
So given that are there are really only three option for navigating reality in terms of rules to define the player, I wonder why anyone would take option two if they were presented with a significant amount of physical power to play with. It would seem like a risk to gamble on others to "be fair" lol

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