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Celebrity Political Activists

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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 05:33 AM
There is ado about the opinions and political persuasions of actors, musicians and the like. For the most part their support, both publically and financially, tends to side with Marxists agendas. The media provides a large stage for the celebrity political activists. Never have I seen anyone question the rationale behind the so called altruistic political agenda of the celebrity. Since Hollywood does have an effect on the political climate for unfortunately a large part of society, I am of the opinion that it is worthwhile to discuss “celebrity” activists.

A vast majority of the celebrities have little if any education and if having earned a degree it is seldom other than arts studies for their craft. As a result it is doubtful whether any of them have much of a background in history and science which makes them unable to have critical thinking skills. These parts of a normal education are not required in their chosen field. The lack of education makes it easy for others to influence their opinions. As a result it is easy to dupe them into positions that they are not intellectually capable of understanding or defending.

In addition, one must realize that these individuals have accumulated extraordinary wealth by emoting other people’s words. There has been little if any independent thought in their careers. In fact, it is more likely that any effort on their part to inject an independent random thought into their endeavors has been shut off by directors, writers and other handlers. In order to perform effectively they have been trained to feel not to think. They have spent an entire lifetime being told where to go, how to dress, what to say and what to feel. As a result one can easily see why the positions they espouse are not the result of a critical thinking of their own but at best the result of a highly emotional response to an issue or likely the direct result of a “script” by a third party.

Of course, questioning of any position that is in the script they are provided will seldom occur. In the insulated society in which the celebrity lives, he/she is surrounded by the identical ilk of uneducated, emotional, pliable individuals with the aforementioned lack of education and critical thinking skills. There will seldom be anyone to take an opposing position. Even if the celebrity activist takes a different view he lives in a world of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, where an opposing viewpoint is met with scorn much as the little boy who rightly observed the king’s nakedness. In addition, if one takes another position outside of the accepted view he/she is often ostracized. Those who have opposed the status quo often result in reduced work and income. Any public questioning by the media follows the accepted script and any adverse position discussion is carefully avoided or the public could be informed as to the lack of knowledge of the celebrity activist.

Ultimately we should not be asking the opinion of the celebrity activists, but who gave him/her the script to read. The classic example of this mindless prattle activism was the testimony before congress by Sissy Spacek, Jane Fonda and Jessica Lange about the farm crisis, because they had starred in movies about a farm. Here were three actresses in essence testifying about the movies they were in, trying to affect farm policies as if the movies were real. This is stark reality about celebrities reading scripts instead of thinking, but one must not miss the point that in reality that is what all celebrity activists are doing although less obvious than this example. With Sissy, Jane and Jessica we can at least look up the writer and director and read the rolling credits, with most celebrities we don’t know who has supplied the script.

The reason for concern is that the American public appears to have also deteriorated in its ability to discern truth from agenda. Most Americans primary news sources are visual. As a result celebrities’ opinions may have more and more influence on the public. If these opinions are acknowledged as being directly from the US government, a particular political party, or activist group, I am sure at least some Americans would question the position. I think we need at least rolling credits at the conclusion of every public diatribe of concerned Hollywood activists.


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