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King of babylon? Just a dream?

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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 05:25 PM
Can anyone help me decide what to think of this dream? This is my first dream like this ever.

I took a nap at 2:00 PM and woke up at exactly 2:20 PM. I don't normally take naps at this time, I just had a strong urge to. It starts out with me following someone through a hallway with plenty of people in front and behind me. When I went through the door at the end of the hallway I noticed the sky was full of stars, there was a giant stage with pillars all around it, grass surrounded the area, and a statue of Jesus stood near the entrance. Note that I'm not really that religious and I'm not sure why I had this dream.

After getting a good look at the sceneary the person in front of me said "Trust me, you will want to see this." The crowd stopped and I sat down in the grass while everyone took attention to the stage. A man stood leaning on a pillar, he addressed the crowd and thanked us all for being here. A huge amount of clouds covered the sky almost instantly. The man said, "Let us begin what we're here for." Bright normal lightning happened above the stage in the clouds. This lightning went on for what felt like a few minutes with no thunder. Everyone was quiet and they seemed to enjoy what was happening.

I heard a huge roar of thunder and this time the lightning was bright yellow and remained in the sky for the rest of the dream. I noticed this light was inside the stage to the back of my view and the man walked into it. Another man came out right after ordering us to focus our attention on the statue. I heard a sensitive, but loud voice say "I am this man." He had similiarities to the way most interpret Jesus to look, but it wasn't exact. He went on about some stuff that I can't remember now.

The last thing he said was "I will give you each 5 seconds to ask a question and I will answer it fully and completely." The first person he called on was a woman sitting in front of me. I noticed I wasn't sitting on the ground at this point, we were sitting in the same area with extremely beautiful rows of seats. The man appeared beside of her and she quickly chanted words that I can't understand following "I curse you.." The woman turned to me and looked straight into my eyes, it felt as if my eyes were adjusted/modified. My vision blacked out for 2 seconds while she said "I pronounce you king of Babylon." My vision came back and I felt my eyes get the same feeling again. Everyone started to go into chaos screaming "Why him?!" The man from before disappeared into
a burst of light when she "cursed him." While in the middle of the chaos I woke up and here I am writing this.


posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 03:55 AM
After receiving a U2U asking for me to clarify. Yes, I was pronounced "King of Babylon" in this dream. My bad.


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