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Iceland Volcano Erupts, Air Traffic Diverted

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 10:58 AM
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A volcano erupted under Iceland's biggest glacier, spewing thick black ash into the air and disrupting flights over eastern regions but posing little threat to people or property, officials said on Tuesday.

The eruption began on Monday evening under the Vatnajokull glacier in eastern Iceland. Authorities issued a warning and directed all flights away from the column of smoke, which was 13 km (8 miles) high.

"Flying into a cloud of volcanic ash is extremely dangerous," said Bergthor Bergthorsson of the Civil Aviation Administration. "It has been known to stop all four engines of an aircraft."

Seen some video on CNN, it is spectacular.
They say it was caused the the expansion of an underground lake.

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