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Predictions for US over the next four years

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 08:37 AM
Next 3 Months:

Bush will be determined to be the winner in the Election.
The Price of Gas in the US will increase to about $2.50 a gallon.
100,000 More jobs will be sent to overseas locations.

Next 6 Months:
Unemployment numbers will go into double digits in Every state in the Union.
The Price of Gas will slowly creap upwards of $3 a gallon.
Tensions in the Middle East will increase due to increased military action.
Osama Bin Laden gets extensive Medical treatment comes out in great health.
Al-Qaeda hides Osama Bin Laden again.

Next Year:
China and North Korea will ally with 5 or 6 other Nations in a UN Debate against the US and its policies.
US Military action will cross Iraq's borders.
Gas prices skyrocket over $5 a gallon due to tremendous shortages.
In a secret meeting UN Decides the US has gone too Far.
Alies in the "War on Terror" will depart leaving US alone.

Next 2 Years:
Canada, Great Britian, Australia, and Most European Countries turn a blind eye to an Invasion of the US by the 7 allied countries.
The Draft is inacted and thousands of innocents flee the Country.

3 - 4 Years:
Neutral countries emplore the US NOT to use Nuclear Weapons.
In Bush's ignorance and arrogance he uses Nuclear Weapons.
Millions of people die around the world.
Bush himself is nearly killed, surviving a mortal head wound.
The US Declares Victory over the invading forces.

Year 4:
Bush enacts laws allowing him to run for a 3rd Election which is just a big show, he has no real competition.
Bush wins in a landslide victory.
Disasters all around the world due to Nuclear Missile attacks force more stringent monitoring of people.
Identification marks are declared manditory worldwide.

Soon after Year 4:
In a revelation of science and technology a rogue planet is discovered in an odd hyper eliptical orbit.
Natural Disasters wreck even more havoc across the nuclear wastelands.
Nibiruian Alien/Demonic creatures start appearing worldwide.

The end of the world as we know it.

Hope you enjoyed reading my little work of fiction.... Or is it?


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