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Future outlook & general prophecies

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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 11:58 PM
Well, lets see here, the more I learn the less I know, definitely. I saw a video posted on here awhile back about the precious metal market being manipulated by the fed through stock purchases, don't know if any of you read that thread or saw the video but it really got me thinking. Precious metals seem to be a good indicator of economic faith. It seems that the relationship between precious metals is inverse to economic growth, what I mean, is that when precious metal prices are high, the economy is doing poor, but when they are low, the economy is doing good. After seeing that video it hit me, if the fed is controlling the prices of the precious metals, would it not be the case that when the economy is doing poor the fed lowers the cost of precious metals to increase economic faith, and when it is doing good the fed raises the price to lower economic faith? After all, precious metals can also be used as an instrument of manipulation and control just as easily as cash. Although, I do not think the federal reserve was put in place to enslave people, I really think that at the time it was created to do good and with time became corrupted, but not in a malignant sort of way, more like the data on a file can corrupt over time if you will. All debt is created out of nothing, so it only makes sense that the fed be able to create legal tender out of nothing. Precious metals derive their value from what, exactly? Oh yeah, nothing as well. I digress, the point I'm trying to get across is that the price of precious metals is more than likely being manipulated, and if it is, its only a matter of time until people begin to set their own prices for them all together, which will happen when certain people get involved in the precious market game. When this happens, those who understand the storm that is coming will profit immensely. More and more coin shops seem to be appearing here in IL, and now more "cash 4 gold" places are advertising that they also pay for silver around here as well.

As far as jobs go, the competition in the market place is immense. We are beginning to see the results of the no child left behind act. Markets are flooded with over qualified candidates, stratification exists for nearly all fields of work, and deviant behavior which is the root of innovation has become diluted. Working is becoming a privilege instead of a right, employers are giving less and less respect to their employees and the work place is becoming a place to degrade, condescend, and de-energize the weak and invigorate the strong as they attempt to maintain the illusion of happiness, some even forgetting who they are along the way. Psychological warfare seems to be the new way to demonstrate intolerance, and it is towards innovative thinkers and those who deviate from the norm, the result is a weeding out of those with empathy and compassionate personalities who wish to demonstrate true altruism. There is definitely some sort of eugenic movement where certain traits and qualities are valued over others in the global market of human capital. The problem now is that over qualified and highly educated individuals will find themselves in the same position, if not worse, as those who went straight into the work force; this will result in some class warfare and inspire deviant behavior from lower income earning individuals. Perhaps the biggest thing to come is that this will bring rise to new entrepreneurs who will answer the calling of ending bureaucratic practices. Previously shackled by high economic faith, this will be a very opportune moment to dispel corrupted beliefs and bring about a new era, a much simpler one whose purpose will be to undo the damage caused by the previous belief systems.

The illusion of modernization will also be brought into question as more people in industrialized areas begin to see life as a burden than a blessing due to the reality of our cyclical system of perpetual competition. The constant need to adapt will become unreasonable and people will seek alternative lifestyles. Mental conditions will continue to rise, as the stress of living will become unbearable. The biggest thing that I believe will occur, and it's a stretch, is the inception of sorcery and magic as certain individuals take advantage of modern instruments of faith. The US and Europe will become the battleground for these instruments.

Anyone else is free to add what they think or what they believe will occur in the coming years because we all know a storm is coming, all the signs are there.

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by 0ptw0

hi man, today i think that maybe we we got it all backwards, de-evolution is actually evolution,, maybe we will degenerate (evolve) to an animal state of being,,,, imagine, no worldwide society,,, we would fit better in with the rest of the animal kindom just a "leather ape"

are ants or bacteria primitive or highly evolved beings?

just a thought, from the brain today.
cheers man...

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