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The Kid within us

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posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 11:23 AM
Here I am staring straight into the eyes of my mascot; the one shining far above the gravity of hatred or even love for that matter; the one above emotions. It is there half waned; or half waxed as an optimist would like to quote. But the point of appreciation is, it stands there, right there, everyday among myriad of alien species & each day it is different, though bit by bit; but its different. It either grows or shrinks but let 28 days pass (or a lunar month, as I may say); there is a new beginning exactly as the first day. It is this aspect that I may relate to as both sorrow and joy are timed phenomenons gifted to us by the LORD to either test us or provide leisure respectively.

Today watching this beautiful object, the MOON, my memories scrolled many years back and landed to a time zone when shorts with shirt tucked in was my formal dress. With bag full of books, a bottle hanging on neck, hair neatly combed I would rush from home everyday to reach before that warning bell of school. "School", yes school I am talking of. And this aint a sudden nostalgic feeling. Since weeks with eyelids getting sore, I badly miss sleeping. No doubt I am kinda nocturnal creature but by no means far so ever would I count myself insomniac. Still we all experience this. And with age the frequency keeps shooting exponentially.

Ironically, the funny part is when we were young, we would gape with awe looking at comfortable work timings of our elders.I mean morning 7..freaking 7 in morning school. But what I dint know then, that by simply plunging on bed wont guarantee sleep as age passes by. Shutting eyes doesn't guarantee solace.When we were kids, our shoes would go out of size n we simply would get a new one. But now the shoes are same and we cant manage to walk in them either. It hurts, doesn't it. Every new shoe hurts and so does an old one. In a highly dynamic society and a brutally competitive world, whom are we running with? The race just doesn't seem to end. And the sarcasm is, we can never know the ability and strategy of competitor either. Still we create a mental illusion and strongly adhere to this fallacy. Whereas we ourselves are our competitors. We know what we are capable of, we know what are we presently & so there is always a clearly defined milestone to surpass.

Still as we grow older, as we become matured, as we get more experienced, we shun that kid in us. We not only believe, but also go to the level of barbarism to prove; to prove ourselves, our society or may be even religion. And in this whole process of killing that immaturity; that playful innocence within us, in the name of success or sheer brutal dominance or presence; we like a magnet attract all the offerings at our disposal. Place a chocolate and let two toddlers race; none will drag the other; instead each will exert itself to grab the chocolate. But we are adults, and how can we let it be so simple. We wont strengthen our own ladder, instead try chopping off others'.

But then the question is "Being kiddish is expensive, so what we do?" . Being childish may be but being childlike is not. Play it like a child does. He doesn't quit. Whatever he wants he finds a way to get it. He is full of enthusiasm. A child may get scared easily, but the pacification comes quickly as well. A child no doubt is weak tremendously; but his aspirations are vivid, they are peppy. It is this attitude that we must preserve and nourish. And most importantly a child never hates. Its the luxury that elders posses. A child may curse, abuse; but its all in fragile innocent sense. He knows a secret 'The ability to cry and get over it.' He holds no regret.

I, you & we; We all need love. We need care and it is only this child, this innocence within us that can do it. Lets not be beasts. Lets be Humans. Lets be KIDS, for sometime atleast... Lets learn to love...Lets learn to love self atleast..Lets learn to care..Lets learn to laugh..& however weak or crazy it may sound..."Lets learn to CRY & ACCEPT."

Lets make this world a better place to live

posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by BeingPure

Great Post! I believe what you've stated to be one of the Greatest life lessons one can learn to be Happy, if not the single most important lesson. As adults age and mature, the brain/ego of our existence becomes more powerful against what is provided to us naturally in great abundance as children in the form a very powerful heart/soul. In the physical world we live in as humans, it is not possible for the brain/ego & the heart/soul to coexist to be an equal decision maker for advancement... we must choose one or the other as to be the dominant decision maker in our life's choices.

The quote that I will end this post with was taught to me by one of the biggest heart/soul decision maker I have known in my life. I asked and begged to know just how does this person manage to stay so free spirited and loving through all hours and days of time. It was explained to me that they simply take the age old philosophy of 'treat all others as you would want yourself treated' one simple step further. The all important addition to this philosophy has brought endless amounts of good and love into my life, and I hope it can do the same for those that read this and practice the benefits of its addition... it states as:

"Treat all others as you would wish for all others to treat your child and or children."


posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 06:34 PM

We are born innocent, pure and loving. As a child we have plenty of support, security and freedom from our parents to do whatever we want to do. Little children around the age of 2 or 3 are very much alive, energetic, creative, fulfilled, playful and communicative. We are greeted every time with presents, kisses and hugs. Celebrations, festivals, playing games as a child is the best period we have.

Down the line, we have responsibilities on our shoulders. If the burden is too much then we start to fear.
This is why people speak: "We are born with love, fear is what we learn"

When we overcome those fears we feel ecstatic and joyous. It brings us more confidence, maturity and self-growth.

People blessed with such childhood should be thankful for the life they have had and on the other hand feel merciful for those kids whose childhood wasn't that great due to unfortunate conditions/circumstances.
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posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by BeingPure

I am not so sure what you are getting at here, so forgive me if I have got it slightly wrong.

Surely being a child was a wonderful experience and it cannot hurt to at least try to retain some of the capabilities (the one to be honestly astounded for example).

But I for one am very happy that I have left that behind me and opened myself for a far bigger world of understanding and knowledge.

Being a child has it´s purpose, but being a grown-up has ones as well.

So I would say it is good to try to conserve a few aspects of our inner childs so to speak. But I think we shouldn´t ignore the wonders of a mature mind either.

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