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Line-UP of Former Public Servants DISSING Bush

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posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:33 PM
Citations are given; all sources are in the public domain. FROM:

As Election Day draws near, presented here is an alphabetical, annotated list of several prominent government insiders -- many of them Republicans -- who have spoken out against President Bush's decision to launch the Iraq war as well as his administration's conduct in managing the conflict.

See the link above for a complet list

Rand Beers, former anti-terrorism adviser to President George W. Bush, and now John Kerry's homeland security adviser. He said the
administration is "underestimating the enemy;" has failed to address
terrorism's root causes; and that difficult, long-term issues at home
and abroad have been avoided, neglected or shortchanged and generally
under-funded. The Iraq war created fissures in U.S. counterterrorism
alliances, he added, and could breed a new generation of al Qaeda
recruits. Source: "Former Aide Takes Aim at War on Terror," Washington
Post, June 16, 2003.

Doug Bereuter, retiring Republican Nebraska congressman who broke ranks with his party, reversed his earlier stance, saying the military strike against Iraq is a "mistake," and blasted a "massive failure" of intelligence before the war. Source: "Retiring GOP congressman breaks ranks on Iraq," CNN, Aug. 18, 2004

Anna Manzo and Scott Harris are producers of Between The Lines radio
newsmagazine,, heard on more than 35 radio stations in the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. An earlier version of this article was published in the Summer 2004 print edition of the magazine Toward Freedom,

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posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:36 PM
Awesome, now we can tack this to the list of people who hate Kerry and we can have a big hatefest.

Personally, I would like a list of the people who support the candidates for reasonable reasons.

That would be a much shorter list.


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