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Precognition dream...came ture...

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posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 09:57 AM
Well, this precognition dream was about me. It came true yesterday. 3 days ago I dream that I was in a very strange environment with a particular building and even seeing the visible dominant color (black). The building was talking to me in the beginning. I didn't know what it was until I was asked to do a photography assignment for a friend. I was like, #, it is coming true--the location, the setting, and the required black tie event. I have other precognition dream but for a while it was always about other people. I decided to accept the assignment since it appeared it was meant to happen, for whatever the reasons. In this precognition dream, I felt different. I felt my life was changing entirely. I wasn't happy or sad though. Now, I didn't stop dreaming after that. I kept on dreaming about the event from yesterday even until the night before. The night before I had this anxiety dream about me misplacing my wide angle lens and couldn't get the shots needed.

I don't know. Wondering if it means anything if you begin to have precognition dream about yourself and your life....

posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by ChiForce

I only have dreams about myself when I am thinking about something or stressing about it. It's like I get my answer in my dream and it usually comes to pass.

posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 12:46 PM
This is what makes me wonder if deja vu could actually be a small section of a dream that the person does not remember consciously. I mean it is well known that everyone dreams, even if they do not think they do because they do not remember them. They may have no conscious link with them, but they still dream without that "knowing" or conscious knowledge. Of course this deja vu feeling could also be nothing more than a misfiring of neurons or some other relatively common and universal brain phenomenon, and is a result of the particular development of the human brain that is shared by all.

I am definitely not against the idea of precognition and dreaming the future, as there are too many related "paranormal" events, some very similar, that have so much circumstantial, and even direct, evidence that it is hard for a rational person to simply overlook these things without any investigation. It seems that the idea of every human having latent abilities is quite true, although very few attempt to develop this spiritually intellectual side of themselves.

I mean there are people here on ATS that would astound you with their abilities, but many do not talk about them, and others get scoffed at quite often. And then there are those who believe because they believe everything, which is not good, and then there are those who have actually put some time and thought into these subjects and ideas, and who have accepted these abilities as being authentic, although there are conflicting ideas as to the origins of man and his ideas and abilities. I do not really have anything to say other than that I hope this works out for you for the best.

posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 01:39 PM
When I was 11, my mother was looking for a place to move with her 4 kids. She had found an add for a house that sounded to good to be true for the price so we would go to this small little town in the hills to look at it the next day.

That night I had a living nightmare, it was so realistic and not dream like it was horrifying. I told my Mother the next morning I had dreamed of a house that caught fire and we were running down a hill in the dark, not sure if we all made it out and we stopped a big log.

We went to see the house all excited, it was beautiful, but the instant I saw it I was back to my dream...while everyone looked through the windows I went around back. The place was on a steep hill and it fell away sharply and at the bottom was a long large log.

I told my Mother this is the place in my dream! She believed me and we didn't rent it.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 09:57 AM
That is sure strange, OP. I've had a couple of times where I've dreamed and it's come true a week down the line or so. They all had to do with my relationships though which is kind of unfortunate.

First happening I was with an Ex-Boyfriend and I had dreamed he met a blonde girl named Jessica through a mutual friend of ours, they were at a party and ended up in bed together. A few days later, he adds a Jessica on facebook, she's blonde and we have a mutual friend. Then I find out through our mutual friend that she had had a party and Jessica and the Ex was there, and they ended up sleeping together.

Secondly I was with my current boyfriend. He has an ex of five years so we battled with that for a couple months..anyways! We had been living together and all was good when I dreamed that he had started talking to her again. In the dream she was scared to fly and was going on a trip so he went to say goodbye to her. A couple mornings later I hear a phone go off -- we both have iphones so the ringtones are all the same -- and it's his and the messages on his phone say "I love you so much I'm so scared to fly" and I found out she had stopped by his work to say goodbye.

Boggles my mind to this day!

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