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The Real Problems of the Vatican - The CURIA!

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posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 03:33 PM
The Real Problems of the Vatican - The CURIA!

With the election of the Pope, there will be many queries on that person itself.

However, the issue is NOT the Pope, but rather, WHO controls the senile 76 year old Pope.

Make no mistakes, the Vatican IS a Monarchy.

Our Messiah had never been intended it to be one, nor even intended for one, for mankind is not ready for another monarchy after the last Heaven Mandated ruler - Saul ended. He organised the group of 12 disciples of different backgrounds to be a consensual forming assembly to spread the gospel. Asiatics back then were not ready for the knowledge of democracy.

Unfortunately, situations of free will based happened and the Vatican resulted. History is replete with the wrong doings of the Vatican which the insignifcant nobody me will not touch on here, as most would be familiar, with using google function.

The past is the past, and a baggage best discarded. The Jesuits had been blamed for much of the medival stupidities, but they only acted on pure intentions, unfortunately with deadly realities and consequences for mankind. A common saying is that the road of good intentions is often paved towards hell.

And no human past or present can say that they jesuits, of which a religious sect he belongs to, can say that they acted on ill intentions to mankind.

For centuries, they had led the path of enlightenment to much mankind - education was their forte around the world, and often, they were the first to leap into new world and new grounds during the 15th century to spread the gospel, often courageously, with great deprivation, little material support but great danger to their own lives in uncharted and hostile terroritories, and did progress and evolve inhabitants with civilisation knowledge.

While there was good, there was bad, but no human is perfect. It is only by acknowledging our errors, correcting them can we ever hope to progress and evolve.

And the Jesuits did acknowledged them and had thrown off the baggage of the past. Today, they far less hostile, and had been the first to hold dialogues with other faiths such as muslims and protestants, to find common grounds to co-exist together and build a better world under God.

The Jesuits are not the problem. The real problem is the Vatican's Curia.

They are the courtiers to the monarchy of Popedom. And as history had proven, courtiers often act out their own greed and personal agendas than that of the monarch, more so aging monarchs. Being close to the centre of power, they are in the best position to get what they want.

They are not elected, nor ever held accountable by a monarch who preaches compassion and forgiveness. Thus, the varous departments in the Curia can afford to play monkey, held unaccountable, and let the Pope take the blame, which very often, is not blame as no compassionate christian would ever think of blaming the old man.

Thus the rot continues and ultimately, one fine day, the Vatican will crumble.

There is NO transparency within the Vatican, and therefore, the rats come out to play. Last year alone, $90 million deficit in the Vatican's budget. Where did the funds go?

Billions are starving around the world. What had the Pope, supposed the servant of God and representative, done to alleviate such sufferings using opportunities and growth strategies instead of charity which is only throwing funds into a hole?

During Ceasar's era, the senate, made up of corrupted old priviledged senile patricians devised the plan of CONTROLLING the funds to deny his ambitions to bring reforms and citizenships of the disenfranchised barbarians to roman civilisation and laws. The powerful petty administration fought tooth and nail to halt Caesar's enlightenment to humanity.

They won. At a cost - end of the roman republic as Caesar had to resort to authoritarian means to bring order, resulting in his premature death with assasination, the death of enfranchisement to europeans and the birth of enslavement by Augustus and his utterly stupid inbred heirs.

No human is perfect, but where are the check and balances of the unelected Curia, whom are the ones who decides all aspects of the aging Pope's affairs? Who are the ones whom had been abusing their power and priviledges, and YET, are not brought to justice?

The greatest necessary issue in the acknowledgement of errors to correct them in order to progress and evolve, is NOT outside the Vatican, but within. If the root is not cured, any blosooming shoot busting forth will only be doomed.

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 04:04 PM
i just gave you your first flag here on ATS.
now to go back and read your OP...

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 10:05 PM
HARD TO FOLLOW ALRIGHT....JESUITS Have been stickijng their hands into history from Wieshaupt to Hitler and many more in between........the church will not prosper under the Jesuits, but the Illuminatti will..............


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