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The Great Tribulation to begin sometime ... & other issues.

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posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 12:11 PM
Moderators: please move to appropriate topic as you see fit:

Now we got a new pope and all posts are about the "last pope", prophecies and more. Naturally besides the prophecy issues we also have the dozen of NWO, Illuminati threads and so forth.
I am personally an atheist. I was not born and raised as one. Yes actually each person is born as an atheist until initiated to his/her religion few days after birth. I became an atheist over decades of learning. Now all those prophecy threads, NWO, MIB, Illuminati, Aliens & religion begin to have me shake my head. Do people not realize they are their own masters?
Especially on prophecies I see the same being rather self fulfilling than accurate. Just looking at the many Pope threads now it becomes obvious that any prophecy is just plain speculation and or coincidence.
Sure I love ATS and the many links and opinions posted have enhanced my book-mark library immensely. However the prophecy stuff really begins to get to me.
1st of all: I too am a prophet! Yes back then in the early 70's when all thought the USSR will be marching into Europe any day now, - I "predicted" - that the USSR will dissolve within 25 years. Well the Berlin wall fell in 89 and the rest is history. When people later at these events unfolding asked me HOW I had KNOWN this, My answer was a simple BSSP, - Bull S*** Saturation Point. People have a natural tendency to just "blow" at a given moment when they no longer can stand a system or a certain condition. My "Prophecy" had nothing to do with staring into a crystal ball, or reading and interpreting an ancient text or so forth. My "source" of prophecy was a simple observation back in school when one "meek" student who had been bullied all year long and made fun of , just "exploded" and stopped the abuse himself. So if some kid can do it, why not a people? And also back to me being a "Prophet" - I was off by a good 3 years or more with my "prediction". And I was also "Wrong" in predicting a violent "French revolution" style revolt in the USSR and its allies. Which turned out not to be that bad after all, short of Romania as I recall.
Pretty much the only topic in which I refrain from having an opinion is the topic on aliens. However all other issues are pretty plain and simple. Also I watch religiously "ancient aliens" - "Nostradamus effect" and similar shows and read up on a lot of these issues, - I see nothing great or mystical on all this stuff. For me "Nature" will take care of things. If we pollute the environment, raise the global temperatures, multiply like bunnies to 7 Billion +, sure nature will fight back.
On the issues of NWO and the planned control of the masses: these are the dreams of many since the dawn of civilization. We as humans are always fascinated by things that run smooth. When everything is in order. And so some wish this order to apply to us humans as well. Without realizing - (oh I will get flak for that) - that we are a social animal, a naked ape, used to a tribal structure of about 200 people in average. We are naked because with our ability to perspire through our entire skin surface we had the upper hand in out running game animals for our survival. this gave us evolutionary the upper hand. For one species, survival; is in the numbers by the 1,000's for others in smaller groups and for some it is solitary existence. We humans have the about 200 mark as our ideal social number. So naturally if we have now cities of over 10 Million in some places, TSHTF eventually, no need for prophecy!
Any given region has a limited sustainability for x-amount of species of any kind. There is a reason why the common lion is NOT in the arctic but the Polar bear is there. Agriculture has enabled us to expand into regions we were not meant to be in the 1st place. And to increase and dominate a region beyond natural capacity. With this evolution into civilization we naturally also came up with different templates of how things should be run. And from there on all went down hill. We now fight for resources. And one power competes with another for these same resources. And this "Them versus Us" mentality then manifests itself in religion. Political ideology etc. Religion is IMO nothing but a control tool for the masses. Religion in its organization enforces doctrines. Unlike natural spirituality, Religion enforces one and same believes onto ALL of us. And it enforces a "morality" against our nature. We do not need a morality. Morality is inherent instinctively to each species for survival. And when people claim that nature is brutal, yes it is. But nature does NOT have one and same species fight each other with science and technology and organized warfare. A territorial dispute between 2 packs of wolves is not a "war". And the lion eating the Zebra is not to be compared with our desire to kill each other. Because that's what a zebra exists for, to be lunch for a Lion.
Today we say often that the excuse: "I just followed orders" does not hold ground in a war crimes tribunal. Yet when it comes to religion, we obey a dogma, believe, gospel and what ever of an entity no one has any proof about. And yet in the same token we "predict" future events based on some "prophesy" of some guy 1,000 years ago. Maybe this "Prophet" did just use common sense and extrapolate a given NOW to what will be 100's of years from now IF people will continue with the present BS. it's not prophecy, its common sense logic.
Some people just are gifted with being able to stand back and see the whole picture, see the whole forest instead of a bunch of trees.
In science I can predict if one loads a bridge with x-tonnes more at 4 AM it will collapse. But a prophecy is just a vague speculation. "Something gotta give eventually..."
So now we got a new pope and all go into overdrive making sense of "predictions". What his crest might tell us and all this stuff.
Sure! There will be eventually a last pope as was a last Pharaoh. And if one wants the priests to stop molesting kids, then simple solution is, don't sent your kids to church! Don't like the church? STOP going! Eventually the church will collapse, mostly when people begin to realize that it is after all all BS.

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 12:15 PM
Claiming something will happen "sometime" or "sooner or later" isn't really what I call a prediction.

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by H1ght3chHippie

And that's exactly what all prophecies are about.

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 01:09 PM
After all is said and done, more will be said than done................

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by Guenter

To me, this thread is just another form of preaching, but to what end?
I personally do not trust your judgement.

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