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Belcastros Enlightenment.

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posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 11:28 PM
This thread contains links to a few other threads that i have made that have to do with Enlightenment, and Religion.

The word Enlightenment means Insight or awakening to the True nature of reality.

This thread has to do with esoteric astrology and interpreting The book of Revelation.
The Harlot, The Dragon, The Virgin, And The Bright Morning Star.

This thread is an introduction into the nature of reality.
Sacred Geometry holographic Universe Counciousness Golden Ratio Mandlebrot Set & Illusion of time.

what I mean is we are of god or one with God.
What if You were God?

This thread is all about the number 13.
The Number 13

This Thread is all about the number 22.
The Number 22

This thread is about linking the law of one ra channelings , the brotherhood of the snake, and orion.
The Law of one Deception & Brotherhood of the Snake & Orion.

This thread is all about The tree of Life and Mono atomic gold.
The Tree of Life and Mono-atomic Gold
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