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Kerry's Tora Bora Offensive Rankles Troops!

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 09:50 PM
Monday morning quarterbacking from Kerry again, man if this guy gets elected, we are in deep #!

NEW YORK — The new videotape from Usama bin Laden (search) has added fresh life to one of John Kerry’s main points on the campaign trail — that President Bush didn’t do enough to catch the terror mastermind — but it's unclear if the tape will sway voters one way or the other.

Franks, the military commander who led U.S. forces in Afghanistan (search) and Iraq and who after he left the Army spoke at the Republican National Convention to support Bush’s re-election, says Kerry is wrong.

“The Afghans weren't left to do the job alone,” Franks wrote in a New York Times op-ed. “Special forces from the United States and several other countries were there, providing tactical leadership and calling in air strikes. Pakistani troops also provided significant help — as many as 100,000 sealed the border and rounded up hundreds of Qaeda and Taliban fighters.”

Franks also took aim at one of Kerry’s main arguments — that Bush erred in going to war with Iraq because it took resources away from Afghanistan and the War on Terror.

“Neither attention nor manpower was diverted from Afghanistan to Iraq. When we started Operation Iraqi Freedom we had about 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, and by the time we finished major combat operations in Iraq last May we had more than 10,000 troops in Afghanistan,” Franks wrote.

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 09:51 PM
Your on a roll tonight, arnt you ed?...........

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 10:01 PM
Who cares what the troops think. Do you know what they are going to do if Kerry gets elected?

Probably the same thing we did in the infantry when Clinton was president. Not a damn thing.

I'm sure you know the military is almost always complaining about something or other. They do their jobs never-the-less, so I wouldn't worry about them too much.

What I would worry about, is your party being run much like the Democrats (which I'm sure bothers one who thinks the other party is a bunch or lying theives).

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